March 30, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

RakNominate: A Kinder, Gentler NekNominate?

Instead of tragic deaths, how about random acts of kindness? A new twist on the NekNominate game tries to steer away from high risk behavior while still playing the viral social media game.

Purple Drank is Dead

Is this the end of Purple Drank? As Actavis pulls the infamous promethazine plus codeine syrup from the market, what will fans of the sweet syrupy downer do?

NekNominate Deaths

Want to keep up on the NekNomination deaths and tragedies? Look no further. We’re keeping a tally!

NekNomination: A Primer

NekNomination: a new drinking challenge game, spread by social media. If you accept the “dare”, you need to take a big risk. Sometimes, you die.

Atlantis Black Market Drugs Commercial: Sting Operation or Bold Move?

A new Internet black market is unabashedly promoting itself as the place to buy drugs online, with a slick YouTube video. Some “experts” on the underground drug society think this is a sting operation run by law enforcement. You must see this video.

Stoner Science: Marijuana’s Effect on the Brain

YouTube hosts a new feel-good “scientific” explanation of how marijuana works, which puts a positive spin on weed while off-handedly scoffing at that evil “alcohol” Mom and Dad consume. What else would you expect from the Internet?

Minneapolis Police Supplying Free Drugs to Youth?

Are police in Minneapolis giving free drugs to Occupy protesters and getting them drug and high as a form of field training? That’s the claim, and it’s pretty damning.

Texas Judge Adams: Was He a Just Justice?

Judge William Adams is suspended, and there are new complaints he was not fair and just on the bench.

Rick Perry Drunk

That’s what they’re calling it… “Rick Perry Drunk” and if not that, then “Rick Perry Not on Pain Killers” or “not drunk” or any of many other excuses.

Texas Judge William Adams – Beating Addiction?

At first it was an unspecified “addiction” and then speculated to be an addiction to domestic abuse. Now we learn the Adams family secret is Judge Adams’ pain pill addiction.