April 3, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Alcohol Delivery Services Thrive in Seattle

Seattle innovates again, this time with alcohol delivery services. Shop on your smartphone, choose your poison, and they’ll deliver it to you within 30 minutes.

Palcohol : You’ve. Been. Trolled.

Did you fall for it? “PAlcohol” powdered alcohol? LOL.. you’ve been trolled.

Zohydro Ban Proposed by Senator Joe Manchin: His Daughter is CEO of Competitor?

Riddle me this: is the Senator proposing a ban on Zohydro also the father of the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the company most at risk if the newly-approved non-generic pain pill goes blockbuster? Yup.

$35 per Gallon Tax on Alcohol

Washington State was the first state to completely privatize the alcohol industry. Now Washington State consumers are paying about $35 per gallon in taxes on alcohol, the highest in the nation by far, despite falling DUI arrests and accidents.

Pharmacies Fill Medicaid Scripts at a Loss?

According to this report, every time a Medicaid patient gets “free” Oxy from the pharmacist, everyone pays while few profit.

Pot Bacon

Pigs eat anything, so why not feed them discarded marijuana crops and rejected premium Vodka? A Washington State farmer’s “Pot-fed Pork” sold out quickly in Seattle’s Pike Place Market shop.

Marijuana Vending Machines

With the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana come… pot vending machines! At least one vending machine maker has eyes on the market for these “doobious” convenience machines.

Mom Encourages Toddler to Hit Bong – Mom Arrested

A 24 year old Mom and a 25 year old Dad are in jail after video surfaced showing 22 month old toddler gladly taking a hit from Mom’s glass bong.

Pharmacies Caught Reselling Used Drugs

Two pharmacies in Washington State are accused of collecting unused prescription medications from nursing homes after patients died, and reselling them as new to other customers. And not just once — they ran the scheme as a profitable business.

White House Prescription Drug Abuse Plan

A simple, clean summary of the White House’s 4 prong approach to the current prescription drug abuse problem in the US.

Ron Paul’s “Hearty Support of Heroin”

Ron Paul wants heroin legalized… or so the media would have you believe. What does he actually say about heroin?

Treatment Programs Face Cuts of State & Federal Funding

Nationwide, treatment facilities are under pressure from cuts in both state and federal funding.

High-Functioning, or Functioning High?

If Randy Babbitt had a black box, would it reveal the role alcohol played in the crash of his FAA career?

Busy Seattle Methadone Clinic earns $4.5M / year

Seattle methadone clinic exploited a regulatory loophole to gain 2 clinic licenses. Annoyed neighbors say it’s now serving 1,000 addicts per day.

Seattle Beat Cops L.E.A.D. some prisoners to Treatment

A mere 54 individuals were responsible for 2,700 low-level criminal arrests in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. Now beat cops can choose to send some perps directly to treatment instead of the jail.