April 3, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Largest Synthetic Drug Bust Ever : Spice-Be-Gone

Today the DEA announced it’s biggest synthetic drug bust ever, involving 4 countries and 35 states, and the seizure of a thousand plus pounds of banned chemicals prepared to be sold as Spice, K2, Vampire Blood, bath salts, and other designer drugs.

Spice Sales Protest in Largo, Florida

Billions have been spent over the last few years in the war on drugs, millions in Florida alone. How can anyone in Florida still feel safe enough to continue to sell banned substances from behind a store counter, to minors, even while protests are underway outside?

3 “Fake Pot” Drugs Made Illegal by DEA

Check the ingredients of your synthetic pot and bath salts. Today the DEA made synthetic cannabinoids UR-144, XLR11, and AKB48 Schedule I drugs, illegal for any purpose.

Europe: 57 New Designer Drugs in 2012..So Far

The EMCDAA Annual Report is out. Over 57 new “legal” synthetics so far in 2012, with China the primary source and organized crime apparently involved.

Florida Dad Medicates Autistic Daughter with “Synthetic Marijuana”

A schizophrenic and autistic dad wanted to medicate his autistic child with marijuana instead of pharmaceuticals, but that’s illegal in Florida. So he obtained “diesel potpourri” and forced them to smoke it, while he made a video and posted it to Facebook.

Air Force Flying High – on Dangerous Synthetic Drugs?

It’s not marijuana, it’s not legal, and it’s not safe: K2 or “Spice” now a problem in the US military.

How Much Synthetic Narcotic is $30 Million?

On November 8,  authorities seized $30 million dollars worth of synthetic narcotics in Las Vegas, Nevada. How much drug is that? At $40-$60 per gram for synthetic marijuana (cannabinoids such as “spice”),  or  $40-$90 per gram for “bath salts” (cathinones like “Kryptonite”), that $30 million is a mere 700 pounds of drugs. Even a large Continue Reading…