February 27, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Palindrome Week for Fresh Starts

Every day this week is remarkable, for an unusual but interesting reason….

Is Diet Coke Addictive?

Is Diet Coke addicting? Or is Coca-Cola trying to suggest that being “on” a substance, like Diet Coke, is a good thing?

RakNominate: A Kinder, Gentler NekNominate?

Instead of tragic deaths, how about random acts of kindness? A new twist on the NekNominate game tries to steer away from high risk behavior while still playing the viral social media game.

NekNominate Deaths

Want to keep up on the NekNomination deaths and tragedies? Look no further. We’re keeping a tally!

NekNomination: A Primer

NekNomination: a new drinking challenge game, spread by social media. If you accept the “dare”, you need to take a big risk. Sometimes, you die.

Did Westerville, OH Daycare Drug the Children?

Did a Westerville, Ohio child-care operator secretly spike childrens’ sippy cups with Benadryl to subdue them? Or is Tammy Eppley, owner of the “Caterpillar Clubhouse” a victim of the media’s thirst for scandal, and her own reckless text messaging?

Stoner Science: Marijuana’s Effect on the Brain

YouTube hosts a new feel-good “scientific” explanation of how marijuana works, which puts a positive spin on weed while off-handedly scoffing at that evil “alcohol” Mom and Dad consume. What else would you expect from the Internet?

“Kony2012” Video Maker & Invisible Children Founder Jason Russell – Ranting Out of Control

Jason Russell, co-founder of Invisible Children and the filmmaker behind the viral “Koney 2012” video, has been detained by police in San Diego and referred to medical help. TMZ video shows a clearly out of control naked man ranting on the street. Readers are speculating that drug detox is needed. [VIDEO ENCLOSED]

“Video Game Addiction”, Starring Alec Baldwin

Words With Friends is clearly an “addicting” game, even if Alec Baldwin doesn’t really believe he has a video game addiction.

Selling Pain Killers on Yahoo! Answers?

In a down economy, why not make money selling “extra” narcotics on the street? Just ask Yahoo! how to do it.

Somebody Really Should Click “Report Abuse”

User posts cry for help as a question on Yahoo! Answers, gets advice, and awards
“5 stars” for the comfortable answer.


Facebook? Or should we call it Shit Faced Book?

Facebook or Shit-Faced Book?

Teens browse pictures, posts, and videos of the very parties their curfews are meant to censor. Is social networking corrupting our youth? Research says YES.