February 22, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Gerard Butler Exits Prescription Drug Rehab

Celebrity gossip web sites are reporting actor Gerard Butler exited drug rehab today, having committed himself to manage his use of prescription medications. He’s out today, and healthy, according to reports.

Demi Moore Hospitalized – Substance Abuse

The Internet is abuzz with reports that Demi Moore has been hospitalized today, for a medical problem related to “exhaustion”. Nearly everyone is suggesting it’s a substance abuse problem, and she’s headed to rehab.

Is Charlie Sheen Enabling Brooke Mueller?

Reports suggest Charlie Sheen bailed out Brooke Mueller, after her parents failed to help her avoid lock-up for cocaine possession charges. Is he enabling her?

Lohan’s New Help: Courtney Love!

Courtney Love is not Lindsay Lohan’s sober coach, but she is a friend, and does intent to help Lindsay stay sober.