July 20, 2019  Last Update: November 27, 2017, 8:52 pm

Pharmacies Fill Medicaid Scripts at a Loss?

According to this report, every time a Medicaid patient gets “free” Oxy from the pharmacist, everyone pays while few profit.

In New Jersey, Prescription Drugs Crowned “King” of Addiction, Deaths

New Jersey has a prescription drug addiction epidemic, and it’s supporting a thriving heroin trade. Over half of drug-related deaths in New Jersey were associated with prescription drugs.

Atlantis Black Market Drugs Commercial: Sting Operation or Bold Move?

A new Internet black market is unabashedly promoting itself as the place to buy drugs online, with a slick YouTube video. Some “experts” on the underground drug society think this is a sting operation run by law enforcement. You must see this video.

A World of Hurt Book by Barry Meier

New York Times reporter Barry Meier published “A World of Hurt” about prescription pain medications. Mr. Meier previously published “Pain Killer: A ‘Wonder’ Drug’s Trail of Addiction and Death” which was centered on Oxycontin abuse by teenagers.

Fake FDA Agents Scamming Online Drug Buyers

Beware! Identity thieves are posing as FDA agents, calling customers of online pharmacies to threaten them with prosecution if they don’t provide personal information.

McKesson CEO Pay: Hammergren’s $159 Million Pension

With nearly 70% of American’s taking prescription drugs, drug distribution company McKesson’s CEO John Hammergren is paid in excess of $50 million a year, and has the largest pension ever noted for a public company: $159 million.

What You May Have Missed June 20, 2013

From drugs in dirty diapers to Amanda Bynes’ bong toss, here’s a brief recap of what you might have missed on John’s Addiction since you were here last.

Adderall: Mommy’s New Little Helper

Adderall prescriptions for US women between 26 and 39 years old increased 750% between 2002 and 2010. Are mother’s abusing Adderall as “mommy’s little helper” so they can “have it all”?

Walgreens to Pay $80 Million Oxycodone Settlement with DEA

Walgreens (South Florida) will pay the largest settlement in DEA history – $80 Million in civil penalties, to settle charges it had enabled a black market in prescription medications.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Heroin Addiction Treatment

Philip Seymour Hoffman broke 23 years of sobriety and ended up out of control, using prescription painkillers and snorting heroin. He’s fresh out of a 10 day detox, telling his story.

Facebook Pills, Hello Kitty Pills, Tim Hortons Always Fresh Pills

Photo of illegal drugs collected by Montreal Police, which included Facebook Pills, Tim Horton’s “Always Fresh” pills, Hello Kitty pills, fake Viagra, and powerful synthetic opioid called desmethyl fentanyl. Click photo for larger view, or read the story.

Facebook Pills, Canadian Online Pharmacies, and Desmethyl Fentanyl?

Canadian police busted a multi-location drug manufacturing and distribution ring and discovered Facebook pills, Tim Hortons pills, and potentially deadly desmethyl fentanyl.

Walgreen’s Pharmacy Florida : More DEA Trouble

The DEA continues actions against Walgreens Pharmacies in Florida, issuing orders to local Walgreens in Fort Pierce, Hudson, and Oviedo, Florida.

Post-Sandy Challenges related to Addiction

Hidden behind the mess left behind by Hurricane Sandy is the uncertainly of the next few days, when personal drug supplies dry up, and the bottles look more and more like solutions.

“Octo-mom” Nadya Suleman in Rehab

Celebrity Octomom Nadya Suleman is headed to rehab for a Xanax dependency, and to learn some coping skills. The babies are fine, according to the nannies.