March 30, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Will Oklahoma Be #3 to Legalize Marijuana?

Oklahoma is in the race to be the 3rd state to legalize (and tax) marijuana. For some reason, the debate always comes back to “it’s not as bad as alcohol”.

For South Carolina’s Ted Vick, One DUI is Not Enough

41 year old Pastor, used car salesman, and SC State Senator Ted Vicks has an alcohol problem. He’s enjoyed a bang up year that included two DUIs, a weapons charge, speeding charges, and cops finding a 21 year old drunk coed in the car with him. Geesh.

Portland Medicates via Water Supply to Save Healthcare Costs

Portland City Council Commissioner Nick Fish is medicating the drinking water to save on healthcare costs. He’s starting with Fluoride. What’s next for the city known for high rates of clinical depression? Prozac? Valium? Xannies?

Pot Makes You Stupid: Marijuana Use and IQ

If you smoked weed as a kid and consider yourself smart, new research out of Duke University suggests you might have been even smarter had you not smoked so much weed.

Minneapolis Police Supplying Free Drugs to Youth?

Are police in Minneapolis giving free drugs to Occupy protesters and getting them drug and high as a form of field training? That’s the claim, and it’s pretty damning.

Ron Paul on War on Drugs: It Should be Cancelled

Ron Paul thinks “the War on Drugs is a total failure”, that “the drug war is out of control” and that “it should be canceled”.

Medical Marijuana Patient Denied Liver Transplant

He had liver cancer. He needed a liver, but had to wait. He was approved for medical marijuana. He used it. Now, they’ve denied his eligibility for a liver because he tested positive for… marijuana. It’s not a mistake, either.

Seattle Beat Cops L.E.A.D. some prisoners to Treatment

A mere 54 individuals were responsible for 2,700 low-level criminal arrests in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle. Now beat cops can choose to send some perps directly to treatment instead of the jail.

Rick Perry Drunk

That’s what they’re calling it… “Rick Perry Drunk” and if not that, then “Rick Perry Not on Pain Killers” or “not drunk” or any of many other excuses.

Harm Reduction Wins a Round

Supervised injection site in Vancouver British Columbia gets support from Canadian Supreme Court.