April 8, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

“Pill Mill” Economy Exposed in New York

A doctor-owned clinic was busted in New York. Authorities suspect over 30,000 illegal pain killer prescriptions, and up to $500 million in pills. It was operating like the classic “Pill Mills” shut down several years ago in Florida.

A World of Hurt Book by Barry Meier

New York Times reporter Barry Meier published “A World of Hurt” about prescription pain medications. Mr. Meier previously published “Pain Killer: A ‘Wonder’ Drug’s Trail of Addiction and Death” which was centered on Oxycontin abuse by teenagers.

Legal Limits for Marijuana Possession: 40 plants, if you’re a Judge

A former Judge in Virginia was busted for having 41 marijuana plants growing in his house. His claims of medicinal use and his legal maneuvers got his 2 felony charges reduced to misdemeanors. Many are upset with what appears to be an unjust justice system.

83 Year Old “Bold Prescriber” Challenges DEA on Pain Killers

An 83 year old East Bay (California) doctor is under investigation for his prescribing practices, following patient deaths. The FBI, the Human Services Office of the Inspector General and the DEA have all subpoenaed his medical records. Dr. Manougian is what is known as a “bold prescriber” of opioid painkillers. He believes he has a right to do “whatever it takes” to treat chronic pain. Does he?

FTC Steps Up to Protect Pain Med Consumers

The Federal Trade Commission says legislation reserving certain pain management procedures to physicians only is bad for consumers. While not calling it “anti-competitive”, the FTC highlighting how the measure will increase costs, reduce access, and reduce consumer choice.

Selling Pain Killers on Yahoo! Answers?

In a down economy, why not make money selling “extra” narcotics on the street? Just ask Yahoo! how to do it.

Medical Marijuana Patient Denied Liver Transplant

He had liver cancer. He needed a liver, but had to wait. He was approved for medical marijuana. He used it. Now, they’ve denied his eligibility for a liver because he tested positive for… marijuana. It’s not a mistake, either.

WA New Prescription Drug Law

In Washington State, one person per day dies from prescription narcotics paid for by Medicaid. A new law increases regulations for prescribing chronic pain medication, and many doctors are passing at the opportunity to prescribe. Patients claim it threatens legitimate access to pain meds. Who do you believe?