May 26, 2019  Last Update: November 27, 2017, 8:52 pm

Pill Mill Doc was thinking with his “Little Head”

A Palm Beach Florida doctor survived the raid of his Pill Mill employer, but got busted for trading Percocet scripts for sex. When asked if he realized what he had done was wrong, he said “I let my little head think for my big head.”

Florida Pain Doctors Blacklisted by CVS

CVS has notified some Florida pain clinic doctors that their prescriptions for often abused narcotics will not be honored at CVS pharmacies.

Are 20% of Methadone Patients Still Using?

A new study out of Canada suggests nearly 20% of methadone maintenance patients are simultaneously taking additional opioid medications prescribed by physicians, according to benefit transaction records.

Texas Judge William Adams – Beating Addiction?

At first it was an unspecified “addiction” and then speculated to be an addiction to domestic abuse. Now we learn the Adams family secret is Judge Adams’ pain pill addiction.

Drug Dealer Sues Prescribing Doctor for $43 Million

An admitted drug dealer with prior convictions for third-degree murder, armed robbery, theft, and illegal prescription drug distribution is suing his prescribing doctor for $43 million.

WA New Prescription Drug Law

In Washington State, one person per day dies from prescription narcotics paid for by Medicaid. A new law increases regulations for prescribing chronic pain medication, and many doctors are passing at the opportunity to prescribe. Patients claim it threatens legitimate access to pain meds. Who do you believe?

Cash Rich but Oxy Poor, Connecticut Man “Breaks Bad” to get Oxy

He co-owns a $34 million home. But he needed a handful of oxy and some Ritalin bad enough to forge a script, and got caught.

Feds play ‘Connect the Dots’ and shut down Pill Mills in Georgia, Florida

As authorities are cracking down on the “Oxycontin Express” in Florida, new pills mills are springing up in surrounding states like Georgia. At a recent pill mill raid in Cartersville, GA, federal agents found connections to another pill mill operation in Florida.