May 25, 2019  Last Update: November 27, 2017, 8:52 pm

Long Island’s “Heroin Highway”

The Long Island Expressway is being called “The Heroin Highway” by law enforcement officials, after they executed over 120 arrests for heroin sales between dealers in Queens and drug consumers on the east end of Long island.

Second Long Island Pharmacy Oxycontin Shooting

Charlie’s Family Pharmacy is the second Long Island, NY pharmacy to suffer an oxycodone-focused armed robbery that resulting in shooting deaths. The New Year’s Eve robbery left 2 dead.

Mobile Pill Mill Doc had Other Troubles

Authorities condemned the residence of a doctor arrested for illegal distribution of hydrodone pain killers on Long Island. If he pleads guilty, he’ll get any detox he might need as well as cleaner quarters.

Florida Pain Doctors Blacklisted by CVS

CVS has notified some Florida pain clinic doctors that their prescriptions for often abused narcotics will not be honored at CVS pharmacies.

A Gum-ball Machine for Pain Meds

New York doctor credited with 10 pain killer overdose deaths, provided Oxycontin to man who killed 4 at Long Island pharmacy.

Narcan Saves Money. Now can people have it?

After 3 years of distribution of naloxone in heroin-busy neighborhoods of San Francisco, the data show significant cost savings. We’ve become a nation of people who routinely trade our principles for cash, so maybe it’s time to loosen the reigns on naloxone?

Trainspotting 2011

Read about the new “uncrushable” Oxycontin called Oxecta, intended to prevent snorting and reduce drug abuse/misuse.