April 8, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Zohydro Ban Proposed by Senator Joe Manchin: His Daughter is CEO of Competitor?

Riddle me this: is the Senator proposing a ban on Zohydro also the father of the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the company most at risk if the newly-approved non-generic pain pill goes blockbuster? Yup.

“Pill Mill” Economy Exposed in New York

A doctor-owned clinic was busted in New York. Authorities suspect over 30,000 illegal pain killer prescriptions, and up to $500 million in pills. It was operating like the classic “Pill Mills” shut down several years ago in Florida.

Pharmacies Fill Medicaid Scripts at a Loss?

According to this report, every time a Medicaid patient gets “free” Oxy from the pharmacist, everyone pays while few profit.

Walgreens to Pay $80 Million Oxycodone Settlement with DEA

Walgreens (South Florida) will pay the largest settlement in DEA history – $80 Million in civil penalties, to settle charges it had enabled a black market in prescription medications.

Walgreen’s Pharmacy Florida : More DEA Trouble

The DEA continues actions against Walgreens Pharmacies in Florida, issuing orders to local Walgreens in Fort Pierce, Hudson, and Oviedo, Florida.

OxyNEO for Oxycontin Creates State of Emergency

Since Health Canada had only approved one brand of oxycodone (Oxycontin) for the National Health Service, Purdue Pharma Canada’s March 1 replacement of Oxycontin with abuse-proof OxyNEO is expected to create a national health crisis. Widespread opiate withdrawal is expected, especially among First Nations pain killer addicts.

Florida Pharmacist Busted for Running Drug Mill

A Volusia County Florida pharmacist was allegedly stealing drugs from his employer Steve’s Pharmacy, and illegally selling the drugs on the street to support a prescription drug (roxycodone) addiction.