April 3, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

“I HATE MY JOB” – Said the Alcohol, in Shorthand

A Manhattan court reporter may have jeopardized the verdicts in around 30 court cases when he wrote “I HATE MY JOB” instead of recording the case. His excuse? Alcoholism.

New York Music Teacher Pawns School Tubas for Heroin Cash

One music teacher in New York discovered a creative way to fund her heroin habit… at school and student expense.

Amanda Bynes Gets Three Years: Probation

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes was sentenced to three years probation for her 2012 DUI, which included her car hitting a police officer.

Is Diet Coke Addictive?

Is Diet Coke addicting? Or is Coca-Cola trying to suggest that being “on” a substance, like Diet Coke, is a good thing?

“Pill Mill” Economy Exposed in New York

A doctor-owned clinic was busted in New York. Authorities suspect over 30,000 illegal pain killer prescriptions, and up to $500 million in pills. It was operating like the classic “Pill Mills” shut down several years ago in Florida.

Rest In Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died alone in his bathroom last night. Cause of death: deadly consequences of addiction.

Busted for Breath Mints in Brooklyn

Breath mints come in all shapes and sizes. So does MDMA (ecstasy). If NY cops suspect you’re carrying drugs, the cute little mints can get you arrested.

Papa John’s now has both Coke AND Pepsi

In NY City a delivery man was allegedly delivering more than pizza and pepsi in his Papa John’s Pizza delivery uniform. The arrest came after cops received delivery of a $27,500 kilo of cocaine they ordered.

NYC Task Force: “Patients simply do not understand how addictive these painkillers can be”

Prescription Drug Task Force finds that just 15% of prescribers are supplying 82% of the prescription drugs dispensed in NYC.

Movie “Bill W.” – Documentary of AA Founder to Screen in NYC

A new documentary of the life of Bill, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, will screen in New York City’s Quad Cinema starting May 18.

Long Island’s “Heroin Highway”

The Long Island Expressway is being called “The Heroin Highway” by law enforcement officials, after they executed over 120 arrests for heroin sales between dealers in Queens and drug consumers on the east end of Long island.

Second Long Island Pharmacy Oxycontin Shooting

Charlie’s Family Pharmacy is the second Long Island, NY pharmacy to suffer an oxycodone-focused armed robbery that resulting in shooting deaths. The New Year’s Eve robbery left 2 dead.

NYC Launches Prescription Drug Task Force

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a Task Force to investigate prescription drug abuse and the high overdose rate in the city.

Mobile Pill Mill Doc had Other Troubles

Authorities condemned the residence of a doctor arrested for illegal distribution of hydrodone pain killers on Long Island. If he pleads guilty, he’ll get any detox he might need as well as cleaner quarters.

More Long Island Oxycodone Trouble

Long Island’s Haven Drug Massacre of 2011 continues to produce arrests for the DEA. Another Long Island pain pills doc arrested.