April 3, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Surprise Delivery : 50lbs of Pot

Nearly 50 pounds of pot, estimated to be worth $100,000, was delivered to the wrong address in Hazlet, NJ

NJ Pharmacist Loses License for Internet Pills Scam

A New Jersey pharmacist operating out of Dunellen has been stripped of his license by the State Board of Pharmacy, after he was convicted of an Internet prescription drugs scheme.

Now a New Jersey Heroin Happy Meal?

Yet another arrest at a McDonalds for Heroin, this time in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Miami Vice, in New Jersey

Like something out of an episode of Miami Vice, Officer Ralph “the Milk Man” Mata has been booked on drug crime charges in New Jersey.

Addict-Turned-Producer Releases Heroin Documentary

A recovering addict in New Jersey has created a documentary to raise awareness about the state’s heroin epidemic, after four of his friends died of overdose in a 10 day period.

Chinese Delivery Man Busted for Underage Booze

Police arrested a delivery man for delivering a 375 of Rum to an underage girl on the streets of Saddle Brook, New Jersey. This is the second time Nice Food Restaurant on Palisades Avenue in Garfield has been associated with alleged deliveries of alcohol to minors.

Deadly “Bud Light” Heroin in New Jersey

Officials are warning consumers about what appears to be tainted heroin killing New Jersey residents. The doses are sold in wax paper folds stamped with “Bud Light” in red ink.

“My milk was so full of alcohol…”

Snooki the Mom changes her tune, and drops a bomb shell about drinking while breastfeeding.

In New Jersey, Prescription Drugs Crowned “King” of Addiction, Deaths

New Jersey has a prescription drug addiction epidemic, and it’s supporting a thriving heroin trade. Over half of drug-related deaths in New Jersey were associated with prescription drugs.

Drugged Driving on Toxic Pot: Naked, Happy Florida Man Crashes Car (Orlando)

Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde or other chemicals is not a new idea, but with the increased in use of pot comes increased reports of pot laced with…

25% of NJ Prison Inmates are Nonviolent Drug Offenders

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie proposed mandatory drug treatment for prisoners in NJ, where 25% of the prison inmates are there for non-violent drug-related offenses. Drug detox and addiction counselors in New Jersey like the idea, with some caveats.

NJ Prescription Drug Monitoring Starts (NJPMP)

It took New Jersey 5 years to spend just $244,000 on a prescription drug monitoring program. The database is intended to prevent “doctor shopping” and reduce abuse of prescription drugs. Why did it take so long? Maybe because 15 of the worlds 25 largest pharmaceutical companies are based in New Jersey.