March 30, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Facebook Pills, Canadian Online Pharmacies, and Desmethyl Fentanyl?

Canadian police busted a multi-location drug manufacturing and distribution ring and discovered Facebook pills, Tim Hortons pills, and potentially deadly desmethyl fentanyl.

Lottery Winners Celebrate with Explosive Meth & Marijuana Party

Two Witchita Kansas brothers are being compared to Dumb and Dumber after they accidentally blew up their house. After winning the lattery, they decided to celebrate with marijuana, crystal meth, and butane.

Monsignor Meth’s Fall From Grace

Monsignor Kevin Wallin’s fall from grace has rocked both the Connecticut parishes he led and the church he represented. How does a respected leader of the church community go from being a charismatic pastor to being arrested for selling methamphetamines and known as ’Monsignor Meth’?

Europe: 57 New Designer Drugs in 2012..So Far

The EMCDAA Annual Report is out. Over 57 new “legal” synthetics so far in 2012, with China the primary source and organized crime apparently involved.

Mexican “Ice Factory” Tunnel Direct to US Meth Market

Mexican drug runners dug a 240 foot long tunnel into the US for the transport of illegal crystal meth. The tunnel started inside a building advertised as an “Ice Factory”. Ice is a street name for crystal meth. Was the pun intended?

Deaths in Canada linked to PMMA mixed in Ecstasy

Party goers should be extra wary of what they put in their mouths, especially when they think it’s ecstasy. Deadly paramethoxy-metamphetamine (PMMA) was a common factor in five ecstasy-related deaths in the past six months. Dozens more deaths were linked to PMMA around the world.

Mobile Pill Mill Doc had Other Troubles

Authorities condemned the residence of a doctor arrested for illegal distribution of hydrodone pain killers on Long Island. If he pleads guilty, he’ll get any detox he might need as well as cleaner quarters.

A Half Ton Less Heroin on U.S. Streets this Month

The DEA’s “Project Delirium” yielded 1,005 pounds of heroin, 2,773 pounds of methamphetamine, 2,722 kilos of cocaine, 14,818 pounds of marijuana, $62 million in U.S. currency, and $3.8 million in other assets. Wow.