October 23, 2019  Last Update: November 27, 2017, 8:52 pm

Busted for Breath Mints in Brooklyn

Breath mints come in all shapes and sizes. So does MDMA (ecstasy). If NY cops suspect you’re carrying drugs, the cute little mints can get you arrested.

Miley Cyrus: “We Can’t Stop” Taking Drugs?

Twenty-year-old Miley Cyrus’s has been proving that she is not a child star on Disney anymore. Latest lyrics: “Dancing with Molly”?

Facebook Pills, Hello Kitty Pills, Tim Hortons Always Fresh Pills

Photo of illegal drugs collected by Montreal Police, which included Facebook Pills, Tim Horton’s “Always Fresh” pills, Hello Kitty pills, fake Viagra, and powerful synthetic opioid called desmethyl fentanyl. Click photo for larger view, or read the story.

Deaths in Canada linked to PMMA mixed in Ecstasy

Party goers should be extra wary of what they put in their mouths, especially when they think it’s ecstasy. Deadly paramethoxy-metamphetamine (PMMA) was a common factor in five ecstasy-related deaths in the past six months. Dozens more deaths were linked to PMMA around the world.

Madonna MDNA Molly Reference: Gen Gap?

Madonna is now 53 years old. Her reign as “pop queen” is a few generations behind, but she’s still trying. Her latest release is called “MDNA”- which is clearly an abbreviation for “MaDonNA”, no? Could it be a reference to club drug MDMA, better known as Molly?