June 24, 2019  Last Update: November 27, 2017, 8:52 pm

Amanda Bynes Bong Toss : Amanda in “Mental Lockdown” CA5150

Amanda Bynes is filling the Celebrity Disaster void left by Lindsay Lohan, who is away in rehab. Child star Bynes has been arrested for reckless endangerment, attempted tampering with evidence and marijuana possession. Gossip reports say she threw a bong out the 36th floor window when cops arrived.

3 “Fake Pot” Drugs Made Illegal by DEA

Check the ingredients of your synthetic pot and bath salts. Today the DEA made synthetic cannabinoids UR-144, XLR11, and AKB48 Schedule I drugs, illegal for any purpose.

Drugged Driving on Toxic Pot: Naked, Happy Florida Man Crashes Car (Orlando)

Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde or other chemicals is not a new idea, but with the increased in use of pot comes increased reports of pot laced with…

Marijuana Vending Machines

With the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana come… pot vending machines! At least one vending machine maker has eyes on the market for these “doobious” convenience machines.

Mom Encourages Toddler to Hit Bong – Mom Arrested

A 24 year old Mom and a 25 year old Dad are in jail after video surfaced showing 22 month old toddler gladly taking a hit from Mom’s glass bong.

Lottery Winners Celebrate with Explosive Meth & Marijuana Party

Two Witchita Kansas brothers are being compared to Dumb and Dumber after they accidentally blew up their house. After winning the lattery, they decided to celebrate with marijuana, crystal meth, and butane.

2 Chainz arrested for Weed Grinder

Another day, another rapper stopped for a traffic violation, searched, and arrested for personal amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. This time it was “2 Chainz” Tauheed Epps, in Maryland.

Europe: 57 New Designer Drugs in 2012..So Far

The EMCDAA Annual Report is out. Over 57 new “legal” synthetics so far in 2012, with China the primary source and organized crime apparently involved.

Stoner Science: Marijuana’s Effect on the Brain

YouTube hosts a new feel-good “scientific” explanation of how marijuana works, which puts a positive spin on weed while off-handedly scoffing at that evil “alcohol” Mom and Dad consume. What else would you expect from the Internet?

Bath Salts On Trial: Missouri Man Kills Own Son While High

He’s charged with second degree murder in the death of his son. Witnesses say he used bath salts, “saw things, saw people”, that he carried a gun, and even paid people cash to “stay away” so he wouldn’t shoot them. Did Bath Salts kill Patrick Goforth?

Pot Makes You Stupid: Marijuana Use and IQ

If you smoked weed as a kid and consider yourself smart, new research out of Duke University suggests you might have been even smarter had you not smoked so much weed.

Legal Limits for Marijuana Possession: 40 plants, if you’re a Judge

A former Judge in Virginia was busted for having 41 marijuana plants growing in his house. His claims of medicinal use and his legal maneuvers got his 2 felony charges reduced to misdemeanors. Many are upset with what appears to be an unjust justice system.

Florida Dad Medicates Autistic Daughter with “Synthetic Marijuana”

A schizophrenic and autistic dad wanted to medicate his autistic child with marijuana instead of pharmaceuticals, but that’s illegal in Florida. So he obtained “diesel potpourri” and forced them to smoke it, while he made a video and posted it to Facebook.

Baby Soap False Positives on Drug Tests : Oops

Researchers acting on a hunch have shown that a common drug test used to screen for marijuana use is tricked by residue from common baby soaps. A little baby soap equals a positive test for THC (marijuana).

British Pharma asks FDA to Consider Pot Based Drug Sativex

Now British pharmaceutical company GW Pharma, founders of the Cannabinoid Research Institute, are asking for permission to market a drug derived from organic pot plants in the US. If approved, this would demonstrate medical use for pot, for the first time.