July 20, 2019  Last Update: November 27, 2017, 8:52 pm

Will Oklahoma Be #3 to Legalize Marijuana?

Oklahoma is in the race to be the 3rd state to legalize (and tax) marijuana. For some reason, the debate always comes back to “it’s not as bad as alcohol”.

Mental Health Docs say NO to New Insurance Rules

Nearly 60 million Americans need mental health care in a given year, yet even ObamaCare can’t force psychiatrists to accept the new insurance rules. Fewer than 58% are willing to accept insurance now.

Busted for Breath Mints in Brooklyn

Breath mints come in all shapes and sizes. So does MDMA (ecstasy). If NY cops suspect you’re carrying drugs, the cute little mints can get you arrested.

Uruguay Legalizing Marijuana

The Uruguayan Senate legalized the production, sale and use of cannabis. This makes Uruguay the first country in the world to legalize pot.

Suburban Heroin Epidemic Strikes Northern New Jersey

The number of adults charged to drug related offenses in certain suburbs of New Jersey have more than doubled between 2008 and 2012. The narcotic invading most homes? Heroin.

Seattle HempFest 2013 : Celebrating End of Prohibition?

The Emerald City has found another way to be “green”: this year’s HempFest is expected to be like an End of Prohibition Party celebrating the legalization of personal use marijuana in Washington State.

Marijuana is not a “Soft Drug”

Marijuana is not harmless. The next question should be about health risk and personal choice: is it acceptable for the off-duty cleric, judge, or cop to consume marijuana (under regulated conditions) the way they consume alcohol now?

Accused Florida Pill Mill in Ft. Meyer Busted

Report of a Federal indictment against the owner of St. Jude’s Pharmacy in Cape Coral and his wife, related to illegal sale of controlled substances and money laundering issues.

Pharmacies Fill Medicaid Scripts at a Loss?

According to this report, every time a Medicaid patient gets “free” Oxy from the pharmacist, everyone pays while few profit.

Ohio Cops using Fake Drug Checkpoints

Police in Mayfield, Ohio are using fake drug checkpoint signs to trick drivers into turning around, and then citing the fact that they turned around as probable cause for stop and search. Educated people are wondering when the Constitution will finally reach Ohio.

What You May Have Missed June 20, 2013

From drugs in dirty diapers to Amanda Bynes’ bong toss, here’s a brief recap of what you might have missed on John’s Addiction since you were here last.

Pot Bacon

Pigs eat anything, so why not feed them discarded marijuana crops and rejected premium Vodka? A Washington State farmer’s “Pot-fed Pork” sold out quickly in Seattle’s Pike Place Market shop.

Prosecutor Forrest Wegge: DUI is not Wreckless Behavior (even when it kills)

Jefferson County (MO) Prosecuter Forrest Wegge thinks killing someone while driving drunk is not “reckless behavior”, so he did not pursue manslaughter charges. The victim is dead. The drunk driver got 30 days in jail.

Walgreens to Pay $80 Million Oxycodone Settlement with DEA

Walgreens (South Florida) will pay the largest settlement in DEA history – $80 Million in civil penalties, to settle charges it had enabled a black market in prescription medications.

Drinking, Driving and Sex Don’t Mix

What goes best with fast cars, booze, and fast women? How about having sex while driving drunk? Round it out with a car crash and DUI charges, and you get this incredible story.