February 27, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Zohydro Ban Proposed by Senator Joe Manchin: His Daughter is CEO of Competitor?

Riddle me this: is the Senator proposing a ban on Zohydro also the father of the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, the company most at risk if the newly-approved non-generic pain pill goes blockbuster? Yup.

Senate Moves to Ban Zohydro

Controversy continues to surround the release of Zohydro ER: Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has proposed a ban of the drug until a safer, more “abuse-proof” version is available.

Hide Your Vikes! DEA Reclassifies Hydrocodone Products

Advice from one drug-using artist: “hide your vikes!” The DEA has proposed reclassifying hydrocodone-containing drugs from Schedule III to Schedule II.

Zohydro: New High-Strength Hydrocodone Painkiller Debuts

Zohydro is here… at 5 to 10 times the strength of Vicodin and Lortab, and with no fillers: just hydrocodone. Law enforcement and treatment professionals are outraged, but the FDA said ok even while acknowledging a severe risk for abuse.

Walgreens to Pay $80 Million Oxycodone Settlement with DEA

Walgreens (South Florida) will pay the largest settlement in DEA history – $80 Million in civil penalties, to settle charges it had enabled a black market in prescription medications.

DEA Revokes CVS Pharmacy Licenses in Florida

Three strikes and you’re out: 2 CVS stores in Florida have lost their licenses to prescribe pain killers. The DEA says they didn’t do enough to stem the tide of over-prescribing, while dispensing over 3 million hydrocodone pills in 1 year.

Selling Unused Prescription Medications is a CRIME

Selling your prescription medications is a crime. Some people don’t know that. Sometimes it seems too easy to raise some cash by selling off those unneeded percocets or oxycodone pills. One 21 year old just learned that the hard way.

CVS Pharmacies in Florida:BUSTED!

The DEA issued “Immediate Suspension Orders” for two CVS pharmacies in Florida today. Two pharmacies dispensed over 3 million units of oxycodone in one year.

Selling Pain Killers on Yahoo! Answers?

In a down economy, why not make money selling “extra” narcotics on the street? Just ask Yahoo! how to do it.

A Gum-ball Machine for Pain Meds

New York doctor credited with 10 pain killer overdose deaths, provided Oxycontin to man who killed 4 at Long Island pharmacy.

Narcan Saves Money. Now can people have it?

After 3 years of distribution of naloxone in heroin-busy neighborhoods of San Francisco, the data show significant cost savings. We’ve become a nation of people who routinely trade our principles for cash, so maybe it’s time to loosen the reigns on naloxone?

Florida Pill Mill Pharmacist Sues US Govt for Citizenship

We uncover two registered pharmacists named Mohamed Ismail. One was convicted of felony Medicaid fraud in New York in 2003. The other is an accused pill mill pharmacist in Florida, who is now suing the US government for allegedly delaying his US citizenship.

Drug Dealer Sues Prescribing Doctor for $43 Million

An admitted drug dealer with prior convictions for third-degree murder, armed robbery, theft, and illegal prescription drug distribution is suing his prescribing doctor for $43 million.

WA New Prescription Drug Law

In Washington State, one person per day dies from prescription narcotics paid for by Medicaid. A new law increases regulations for prescribing chronic pain medication, and many doctors are passing at the opportunity to prescribe. Patients claim it threatens legitimate access to pain meds. Who do you believe?

Cash Rich but Oxy Poor, Connecticut Man “Breaks Bad” to get Oxy

He co-owns a $34 million home. But he needed a handful of oxy and some Ritalin bad enough to forge a script, and got caught.