October 10, 2015  Last Update: July 22, 2015, 5:41 pm

Now a New Jersey Heroin Happy Meal?

McHeroin -- Heroin and McDonalds, in the news again.

Yet another arrest at a McDonalds for Heroin, this time in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

Evzio Talking Naloxone Injector Approved

Ever wondered what to do when someone you know is overdosing? Don’t worry, this new naloxone injector actually talks you though the process. That’s right: it talks.

McDonald’s and Heroin: Again

McHeroin -- Heroin and McDonalds, in the news again.

The kids ran off to the McDonald’s play area, while Mommy and Daddy stayed in McDonalds and played with their heroin.

New York Music Teacher Pawns School Tubas for Heroin Cash

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One music teacher in New York discovered a creative way to fund her heroin habit… at school and student expense.

Addict-Turned-Producer Releases Heroin Documentary

A former heroin addict in New Jersey lost four of his friends to overdoses in just 10 days. Now he's made a documentary to educate the public about heroin's dangers.

A recovering addict in New Jersey has created a documentary to raise awareness about the state’s heroin epidemic, after four of his friends died of overdose in a 10 day period.

Rest In Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Phillip Seymour Hoffman dies alone in his bathroom of an apparent heroin overdose. He was 46 years old. (PRPhoto)

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died alone in his bathroom last night. Cause of death: deadly consequences of addiction.

Happy Meal Heroin

McDonald's fast food worker arrested after selling heroin at the drive through, hidden inside Happy Meal.

A McDonald’s employee in Pennsylvania was arrested for allegedly selling heroin out of a McDonalds. Order a “toy” at the drive through, and get a Happy Meal with 10 bags of heroin.

Vietnam Kills 30 Drug Dealers. More than 500 on Death Row

Viet Nam doesn’t like drug dealers, or at least that’s the public image they want Internationally. They just sentenced 30 to death, after almost 90 were similarly sentenced in 2012.

Deadly “Bud Light” Heroin in New Jersey

"Bud Light" heroin in wax folds found by Ocean County Police at the scene of multiple overdose deaths (Image via Office of the Ocean County Prosecutor)

Officials are warning consumers about what appears to be tainted heroin killing New Jersey residents. The doses are sold in wax paper folds stamped with “Bud Light” in red ink.

Suburban Heroin Epidemic Strikes Northern New Jersey

The number of adults charged to drug related offenses in certain suburbs of New Jersey have more than doubled between 2008 and 2012. The narcotic invading most homes? Heroin.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Heroin Addiction Treatment

Philip Seymour Hoffman broke 23 years of sobriety and ended up out of control, using prescription painkillers and snorting heroin. He's fresh out of a 10 day detox, telling his story.

Philip Seymour Hoffman broke 23 years of sobriety and ended up out of control, using prescription painkillers and snorting heroin. He’s fresh out of a 10 day detox, telling his story.

Facebook Pills, Hello Kitty Pills, Tim Hortons Always Fresh Pills

Photo of illegal street drugs captured by Montreal Police,  including fake Viagra, Tim Hortons pills, Facebook pills. Some of the drugs included desmethyl fentanyl, a super powerful pain killer considered very dangerous.

Photo of illegal drugs collected by Montreal Police, which included Facebook Pills, Tim Horton’s “Always Fresh” pills, Hello Kitty pills, fake Viagra, and powerful synthetic opioid called desmethyl fentanyl. Click photo for larger view, or read the story.

Anthrax in Street Heroin Supply

Anthrax, a deadly bacterium associated with animals, animal waste, and soils from animal pastures, is in heroin on the streets of Europe. Two injected drug users have died, with over ten cases of infection reported.

The heroin you buy on the street may contain deadly Anthrax spores. Two injecting drug users have died in the UK from anthrax, and over ten cases have been reported in Europe since June.

Adolescent Sleepover Ends In Accidental Heroin Overdose

Brett Cronin stands accused. The 23 year old drug abuser was involved in a sleepover that turned ugly. A 13 year old died of a heroin overdose.

Twenty-three year old Brett Cronin was charged with the murder of his family’s house guest, a 13 year old boy, during an overnight sleepover. Early reports suggest Cronin provided, and may have injected the heroin that killed the boy.

Man Arrested Trying to Smuggle Heroin Lollipops Through Orlando International Airport

Rafael Quinonez Jimenez was arrested after trying to smuggle over 3.2 kilos of heroin inside of lollipops, through Orlando International airport. Image shows heroin lollipos from earlier New York heroin discovery.

Rafael Jimenez was arrested after trying to smuggle nearly 7 pounds (over 3.2 kilos) of heroin through Orlando International airport. The heroin was hidden inside of lollipops. Although Jimenez was caught sweaty, nervous, and in possession of the narcotics, the DEA press release reminds us that the suspect is innocent until proven guilty.