February 27, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Will Premarital Drug Tests Reduce Divorce Rates?

A Judge has recommended that every couple applying for marriage be required to take a drug test first, in an attempt to reduce divorce rates.

Potsmoker POTUS Cites Dangers of Alcohol

President Obama (Twitter handle POTUS) was a pot smoker. His recent comments to New Yorker Magazine have caused concern for the Feds, who maintain that marijuana is a very dangerous drug.

Internet Black Market Drug Sales to Top 25 Million this year

Not everyone knows there is an Internet underneath the world wide web. An “Underweb”, which cannot be accessed with your standard web browser. And on this encrypted, onion-routed layer of traffic sit several black markets where just about anything is sold.

Anthrax in Street Heroin Supply

The heroin you buy on the street may contain deadly Anthrax spores. Two injecting drug users have died in the UK from anthrax, and over ten cases have been reported in Europe since June.

Deaths in Canada linked to PMMA mixed in Ecstasy

Party goers should be extra wary of what they put in their mouths, especially when they think it’s ecstasy. Deadly paramethoxy-metamphetamine (PMMA) was a common factor in five ecstasy-related deaths in the past six months. Dozens more deaths were linked to PMMA around the world.

White House Prescription Drug Abuse Plan

A simple, clean summary of the White House’s 4 prong approach to the current prescription drug abuse problem in the US.

Busy Seattle Methadone Clinic earns $4.5M / year

Seattle methadone clinic exploited a regulatory loophole to gain 2 clinic licenses. Annoyed neighbors say it’s now serving 1,000 addicts per day.

Alcoholism is now Sophisticated. Does that make it Fashionable?

A new book targets the “Sophisticated Alcoholic”: middle class “Mr. & Mrs Normal” who are enjoying a normal life while drinking excessively, and who don’t see themselves as having a problem with alcohol.

Narcan Saves Money. Now can people have it?

After 3 years of distribution of naloxone in heroin-busy neighborhoods of San Francisco, the data show significant cost savings. We’ve become a nation of people who routinely trade our principles for cash, so maybe it’s time to loosen the reigns on naloxone?

The Promise of Social Norming

“If Johnny jumped off a bridge, would you jump too?” College administrators fear many college students are binge drinking because, well, “everyone’s doing it”.

FTC Says: Four Loko is still TOO BIG

The FTC and FDA have filed complaints against Phusion, the makers of Four Loko, on several occasions. The latest settlement includes packaging changes for the mega-sized, high-alcohol fruity drink.

Harm Reduction Wins a Round

Supervised injection site in Vancouver British Columbia gets support from Canadian Supreme Court.

Harm Reduction Wins, Safe Injection Site Stays

Insite, the only legal supervised injection site in North America, offers clean needles for injection drug use and various health care resources for struggling addicts.

Maintaining a High with the New Uncrushable Oxy’s

Is it only a matter of time before addicts figure out how to abuse the new uncrushable Oxy known as Oxecta?