November 18, 2019  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

In Nebraska, Alcopops are Now Hard Liquor

Now, Nebraska can tax alternative alcoholic beverages (“alcopops”) like Four Loko and Lime-A-Rita at $3.75 per gallon, like hard liquor. This could earn the state an additional $2 to $3 million annually. Will any of that go towards treatment and prevention of alcoholism?

Scotch in a Can

Who puts Scotch Whiskey in a 12 ounce aluminum, non-resealable can? Marketers do, when they think they can sell based on unique packaging. Coming soon to the US – in six packs!

Caffeine Poisoning from Energy Drinks

Non-alcohol energy drinks are implicated in tens of thousands of emergency room visits every year. Apparently, it’s the caffeine. How much is too much?

FTC Says: Four Loko is still TOO BIG

The FTC and FDA have filed complaints against Phusion, the makers of Four Loko, on several occasions. The latest settlement includes packaging changes for the mega-sized, high-alcohol fruity drink.