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Drugged Driving on Toxic Pot: Naked, Happy Florida Man Crashes Car (Orlando)

Marijuana dipped in formaldehyde or other chemicals is not a new idea, but with the increased in use of pot comes increased reports of pot laced with…

Drunk Driving inside Florida Wal-Mart (electric scooter)

In today’s news: Florida, electric scooters, Wal-Mart shoppers, alcohol beverages, and homeless vagrants… followed by a few collisions and an arrest for drunk driving.

Walgreen’s Pharmacy Florida : More DEA Trouble

The DEA continues actions against Walgreens Pharmacies in Florida, issuing orders to local Walgreens in Fort Pierce, Hudson, and Oviedo, Florida.

DEA Revokes CVS Pharmacy Licenses in Florida

Three strikes and you’re out: 2 CVS stores in Florida have lost their licenses to prescribe pain killers. The DEA says they didn’t do enough to stem the tide of over-prescribing, while dispensing over 3 million hydrocodone pills in 1 year.

Florida Dad Medicates Autistic Daughter with “Synthetic Marijuana”

A schizophrenic and autistic dad wanted to medicate his autistic child with marijuana instead of pharmaceuticals, but that’s illegal in Florida. So he obtained “diesel potpourri” and forced them to smoke it, while he made a video and posted it to Facebook.

“Show Me” State Gets Shown : Why Isn’t Missouri Monitoring Prescriptions?

Some politicians in Missouri have pledged to battle any prescription drug monitoring as an invasion of privacy by government. Missouri is now the only state without plans for a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP).

Walgreens Pharmacy in Florida Focus of DEA Action for Pain Pills

The DEA has been investigating 6 Walgreens pharmacy locations in South Florida and a Jupiter Florida prescription drug distribution center, after noticing increased volumes of oxycodone and other narcotics over the past 3 years.

Man Arrested Trying to Smuggle Heroin Lollipops Through Orlando International Airport

Rafael Jimenez was arrested after trying to smuggle nearly 7 pounds (over 3.2 kilos) of heroin through Orlando International airport. The heroin was hidden inside of lollipops. Although Jimenez was caught sweaty, nervous, and in possession of the narcotics, the DEA press release reminds us that the suspect is innocent until proven guilty.

Operation Oxy Alley

Two more defendants have been sentenced to prison terms following Operation Oxy Alley, south Florida’s largest pill mill bust. So far, 28 of 32 defendants charged have pleaded guilty to charges.

Florida Pharmacist Busted for Running Drug Mill

A Volusia County Florida pharmacist was allegedly stealing drugs from his employer Steve’s Pharmacy, and illegally selling the drugs on the street to support a prescription drug (roxycodone) addiction.

CVS Pharmacies in Florida:BUSTED!

The DEA issued “Immediate Suspension Orders” for two CVS pharmacies in Florida today. Two pharmacies dispensed over 3 million units of oxycodone in one year.

Florida Welfare Drug Testing – All About Money?

Florida’s Tea Party Governor Rick Scott made his fortune in the health clinic business. Now he’s pushing for mandatory drug testing of just about everybody in Florida. That’s a lot of money for testing companies.

Doctor Blacklisted by CVS Sues for Defamation

Unfair! One doctor reacts to the Florida CVS Pharmacy blacklist with a defamation lawsuit. Over 700 pharmacies in Florida are telling patients “Sorry, your pain pill doctor is not respected here”.

CVS — DEA: Florida High Prescribers (XLS)

CVS — DEA: Florida High Prescribers (XLS) spreadsheet containng names of doctors on the CVS blacklist. Also available as a PDF file.

Alcoholics Go To Meetings

Into our “favorite mugshots” collection goes this woman arrested in Tampa Bay, Florida while wearing a shirt “I’m not an alcoholic, I’m a drunk”.