April 8, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

“Staggeringly drunk” Cop gets Award for Catching DUI Drivers

Maybe it takes one to know one? This DUI enforcement cop was so good at spotting DUI drivers he cited over 100, and was invited to receive a MADD award. He drove himself there, and, well, can you guess the rest?

DWB: Driving With Burrito?

A man from Deltona, Florida was arrested Monday after falling asleep drunk at the wheel of his car–all while clutching his Taco Bell burrito.

Chris Kattan DUI is Over. He’ll be at TWO 12 Step Meetings.

Comedian Chris Kattan was charged with DUI, denied involvement of alcohol but admitted to prescription drug use. The judge ordered him to attend exactly TWO AA meetings. Really?

Drugged Driving in the Drop-Off Line

Hopped up on something in the school drop off line, she got called out, arrested, and lost her kids to foster care. Police are looking at her prescriptions.

Chris Kattan DUI

In one day TMZ has four articles on Chris Kattan getting arrested for DUI, and we still have no idea what happened.

Florida Woman Drunk-Drives Herself right into the Jail

Florida cops have it easy: driving at nearly 3 times the legal blood alcohol levels for DUI, this lady crashed her car into the local jail, where she was promptly arrested and… jailed.

Drugged Driving on Pot in Colorado

Allegedly high on marijuana, he didn’t notice the two patrol cars with flashing lights, and plowed into them. Now he’s a statistic: arrested for drugged driving in Colorado.

Robbie Knievel DUI Arrest

Robby Knievel memorialized his visit to the 73rd Annual Sturgis motorcycle rally with his first DUI, delivered with a visit to a South Dakota jail and a large fine.

Prosecutor Forrest Wegge: DUI is not Wreckless Behavior (even when it kills)

Jefferson County (MO) Prosecuter Forrest Wegge thinks killing someone while driving drunk is not “reckless behavior”, so he did not pursue manslaughter charges. The victim is dead. The drunk driver got 30 days in jail.

Drinking, Driving and Sex Don’t Mix

What goes best with fast cars, booze, and fast women? How about having sex while driving drunk? Round it out with a car crash and DUI charges, and you get this incredible story.

Boulder Colorado DUI Officer Tells Cop “I’m Drunk”

A Boulder Police Department DUI officer has resigned after pleading guilty to DUI charges. This is the second time this year a Boulder police officer has resigned after being charged with DUI, but the first time one made it so easy to convict her.

For South Carolina’s Ted Vick, One DUI is Not Enough

41 year old Pastor, used car salesman, and SC State Senator Ted Vicks has an alcohol problem. He’s enjoyed a bang up year that included two DUIs, a weapons charge, speeding charges, and cops finding a 21 year old drunk coed in the car with him. Geesh.

Get Ready for New DUI Blood Alcohol Limit of .05%BAC

National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Deborah Hersman wants the blood alcohol concentration threshold for DUI to be ZERO, eventually. We’re not sure what that means, but apparently right now she’ll settle for 0.05% BAC.

DUI Bishop Confesses to ‘Terrible Error in Judgement’

Whom do Bishops confess to? In the case of 61-year-old Bishop Robert J. McManus of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Worcester, Mass it would be his parishioners. Bishop McManus was involved in a DUI accident in RI… and left the scene.

Hey Barkeep! Gimme another! (DUI, that is)

She got a DUI and lost her license to drive, which meant she couldn’t drive drunk, either. Unable to wait even one more day to drive drunk again, on the night before she got her license back, she drove, got stopped, and blew a 0.155%BAC.