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NekNominate Deaths

Want to keep up on the NekNomination deaths and tragedies? Look no further. We’re keeping a tally!

NekNomination: A Primer

NekNomination: a new drinking challenge game, spread by social media. If you accept the “dare”, you need to take a big risk. Sometimes, you die.

Face Biting Zombie Attack in Florida

Again out of Florida, a raging naked man attacks innocent bystanders, biting the face of one, before getting shot dead by police. Most witnesses think he was “high on something”.

Rest In Peace, Philip Seymour Hoffman

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died alone in his bathroom last night. Cause of death: deadly consequences of addiction.

Happy Meal Heroin

A McDonald’s employee in Pennsylvania was arrested for allegedly selling heroin out of a McDonalds. Order a “toy” at the drive through, and get a Happy Meal with 10 bags of heroin.

Vietnam Kills 30 Drug Dealers. More than 500 on Death Row

Viet Nam doesn’t like drug dealers, or at least that’s the public image they want Internationally. They just sentenced 30 to death, after almost 90 were similarly sentenced in 2012.

Feds Buy Abrin on Black Market Reloaded, Bust Seller

The Feds are active underground, sleuthing around Internet black markets for bad guys. They busted a Florida man selling deadly poison Abrin, along with information on how it kills people.

Bath Salts are Back!

New reports out of England connect bath salts to violence once again, this time mephedrone (street name “meow-meow”) involved in a stabbing and self-mutilation.

Uruguay Legalizing Marijuana

The Uruguayan Senate legalized the production, sale and use of cannabis. This makes Uruguay the first country in the world to legalize pot.

Suburban Heroin Epidemic Strikes Northern New Jersey

The number of adults charged to drug related offenses in certain suburbs of New Jersey have more than doubled between 2008 and 2012. The narcotic invading most homes? Heroin.

Asian Girlz: Glaxo Drug Reps in China to Offer Docs Sex for Scripts

Bad Asian Girlz? As China investigates the fast-growing Pharma industry in China, a Glaxo drug rep reveals she was encouraged to cater to doctor’s wishes, which included satisfying their “sexual desires”.

Florida Man Gets 8 DUI Charges in One Day

Drugged-Driving is increasingly the cause of DUI charges. A Florida man received 8 separate DUI charges in one day, thought to be related to some form of drug, not alcohol.

In New Jersey, Prescription Drugs Crowned “King” of Addiction, Deaths

New Jersey has a prescription drug addiction epidemic, and it’s supporting a thriving heroin trade. Over half of drug-related deaths in New Jersey were associated with prescription drugs.

Ohio Cops using Fake Drug Checkpoints

Police in Mayfield, Ohio are using fake drug checkpoint signs to trick drivers into turning around, and then citing the fact that they turned around as probable cause for stop and search. Educated people are wondering when the Constitution will finally reach Ohio.

Ritalin Cures Cocaine Addiction? Nope.

No, Ritalin is not a cure for cocaine addiction. A student researcher ran some imaging scans to see if Ritalin acted differently on cocaine addicts than non-addicts. The media jumped to wild conclusions, as is typical.