January 16, 2019  Last Update: November 27, 2017, 8:52 pm

Sage Stallone Dead of Drug Overdose – Not A Suicide

Sage Moonblood Stallone, the 36 year old son of Sylvester Stallone, is dead in Hollywood. Stallone’s death is being called an overdose of pills.

Glaxo SmithKline Guilty: $3 Billion Fine for Wellbutrin, Others

Updated: GlaxoSmithKline has admitted guilt in a landmark case involving misleading marketing claims, bribes, improper rebating, and failure to report safety issues. They’ve been fined $3 Billion. The details are amazing.

New Weapon Against Mephedrone Zombies – Wasp Spray!

Another face-biting attack allegedly fueled by bath salts, this time in Louisiana. The attacker knew his victim, who fought him off with wasp spray, after losing a chunk of flesh to a zombie bite.

Canada Fears Zombies, Bans Bath Salts

Canadian politicians, in an effort to calm nerves after America experienced a face-eating zombie in Florida, has banned MDPV, one of the key molecules in “bath salts”, the dangerous street drug believed to have caused the violent behavior.

NYC Task Force: “Patients simply do not understand how addictive these painkillers can be”

Prescription Drug Task Force finds that just 15% of prescribers are supplying 82% of the prescription drugs dispensed in NYC.

Heavy Marijuana Use Up 80% for US Teens

Latest Data: More American teens are smoking more pot and taking more ecstasy, while fewer are smoking cigarettes. Fewer girls are abusing prescription meds, and just about everybody’s still drinking alcohol.

Deaths in Canada linked to PMMA mixed in Ecstasy

Party goers should be extra wary of what they put in their mouths, especially when they think it’s ecstasy. Deadly paramethoxy-metamphetamine (PMMA) was a common factor in five ecstasy-related deaths in the past six months. Dozens more deaths were linked to PMMA around the world.

Madonna MDNA Molly Reference: Gen Gap?

Madonna is now 53 years old. Her reign as “pop queen” is a few generations behind, but she’s still trying. Her latest release is called “MDNA”- which is clearly an abbreviation for “MaDonNA”, no? Could it be a reference to club drug MDMA, better known as Molly?

Whitney Houston Cause of Death: Cocaine Abuse, Drowning

The LA coroner has released findings of the Whitney Houston autopsy. Cause of death: accidental drowning, facilitated by chronic cocaine abuse. Also in her system: Xanax, marijuana, Flexeril, and Benadril.

Dr. FeelGood May Get 45 Years for Murder

A LA County prosecutor wants to see “Dr. Feel Good” Lisa Tseng behind bars after three of her otherwise healthy patients died from lethal combinations of Xanax, OxyContin and alcohol. This is not the first time mega-prescriber “Dr. Feel Good” has been in trouble for her script scribbling.

Whitney Houston Dead at 48: Drugs Took Toll

Updated: Singer/actress Whitney Houston’s successful career masked her drug problems, and the toll drugs took on her personal life. AP is reporting Whitney Houston is dead at age 48. No cause has been reported at this time.

Air Force Flying High – on Dangerous Synthetic Drugs?

It’s not marijuana, it’s not legal, and it’s not safe: K2 or “Spice” now a problem in the US military.

Sinead O’Connor: “He’s a Drugs Counselor. What was I Thinking?”

Sinead O’Connor 4th wedding night: mental challenges, drugs, impulsive behavior, sex cravings, and a lethal combination of over-confidence and insecurity. Perhaps?

Younger Brother Eats 1oz of Cocaine Hidden in Brothers’ Butt, and Dies

Big Brother had 2 strikes already when he got busted along with Little Brother. He then convinced Little Bro to eat the ounce of cocaine he had hidden in his behind, to save him from jail time. Guess what happened next.

NYC Launches Prescription Drug Task Force

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg launched a Task Force to investigate prescription drug abuse and the high overdose rate in the city.