May 26, 2019  Last Update: November 27, 2017, 8:52 pm

“Show Me” State Gets Shown : Why Isn’t Missouri Monitoring Prescriptions?

Some politicians in Missouri have pledged to battle any prescription drug monitoring as an invasion of privacy by government. Missouri is now the only state without plans for a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP).

Operation Log Jam Deemed a Success: 19 Million Packets of Synthetic Drugs and $36 Million in Cash Seized

The DEA made a big announcement recently: Operation Log Jam was a huge success.

Breaking News: Bath Salts Shortage Predicted for US

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has notified news outlets of the “first nationwide law-enforcement action against the synthetic designer drug industry”. That means bath salts, Spice, K2, and other synthetics. Press conference scheduled for Thursday July 26.

Dr. Lisa Tseng aka “Dr. Feelgood” Caught in Undercover Sting

Dr. Lisa Tseng was called “Dr. Feel Good” by agents because of her alleged high-prescribing of powerful painkillers. She’s on trial for murder. She was secretly filmed by an undercover agent seeking Oxycontin, and the video is pretty convincing.

83 Year Old “Bold Prescriber” Challenges DEA on Pain Killers

An 83 year old East Bay (California) doctor is under investigation for his prescribing practices, following patient deaths. The FBI, the Human Services Office of the Inspector General and the DEA have all subpoenaed his medical records. Dr. Manougian is what is known as a “bold prescriber” of opioid painkillers. He believes he has a right to do “whatever it takes” to treat chronic pain. Does he?

Mexican “Ice Factory” Tunnel Direct to US Meth Market

Mexican drug runners dug a 240 foot long tunnel into the US for the transport of illegal crystal meth. The tunnel started inside a building advertised as an “Ice Factory”. Ice is a street name for crystal meth. Was the pun intended?

American Airlines Cocaine: Operation Heavy Cargo

The DEA busted a cocaine smuggling ring that carried 9,000 kilos of cocaine into the United States (Miami, Orlando, and Newark NJ) via Puerto Rico. American Airlines employees were among those indicted.

Walgreens Pharmacy in Florida Focus of DEA Action for Pain Pills

The DEA has been investigating 6 Walgreens pharmacy locations in South Florida and a Jupiter Florida prescription drug distribution center, after noticing increased volumes of oxycodone and other narcotics over the past 3 years.

Dr. FeelGood May Get 45 Years for Murder

A LA County prosecutor wants to see “Dr. Feel Good” Lisa Tseng behind bars after three of her otherwise healthy patients died from lethal combinations of Xanax, OxyContin and alcohol. This is not the first time mega-prescriber “Dr. Feel Good” has been in trouble for her script scribbling.

Operation Oxy Alley

Two more defendants have been sentenced to prison terms following Operation Oxy Alley, south Florida’s largest pill mill bust. So far, 28 of 32 defendants charged have pleaded guilty to charges.

CVS Pharmacies in Florida:BUSTED!

The DEA issued “Immediate Suspension Orders” for two CVS pharmacies in Florida today. Two pharmacies dispensed over 3 million units of oxycodone in one year.

Pharmacies Caught Reselling Used Drugs

Two pharmacies in Washington State are accused of collecting unused prescription medications from nursing homes after patients died, and reselling them as new to other customers. And not just once — they ran the scheme as a profitable business.

Doctor Blacklisted by CVS Sues for Defamation

Unfair! One doctor reacts to the Florida CVS Pharmacy blacklist with a defamation lawsuit. Over 700 pharmacies in Florida are telling patients “Sorry, your pain pill doctor is not respected here”.

Air Force Flying High – on Dangerous Synthetic Drugs?

It’s not marijuana, it’s not legal, and it’s not safe: K2 or “Spice” now a problem in the US military.

Buy Xanax Online? Sure.

We’re seeing open offers to sell drugs online, and ship them into the US, posted to major US web sites. The posters don’t even bother to hide their identities… in one case we even get pictures of his face, kid, and bulging biceps!