April 3, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

NJ Pharmacist Loses License for Internet Pills Scam

A New Jersey pharmacist operating out of Dunellen has been stripped of his license by the State Board of Pharmacy, after he was convicted of an Internet prescription drugs scheme.

37,000 Hydrocodone Pills Missing from CVS?

CVS is in trouble again, for allegedly mishandling addictive prescription pain killers. This time it’s hydrocodone missing from 4 CVS stores. 37,000 pills unaccounted for, believed to have been diverted to illegal black markets.

Hide Your Vikes! DEA Reclassifies Hydrocodone Products

Advice from one drug-using artist: “hide your vikes!” The DEA has proposed reclassifying hydrocodone-containing drugs from Schedule III to Schedule II.

Zohydro: New High-Strength Hydrocodone Painkiller Debuts

Zohydro is here… at 5 to 10 times the strength of Vicodin and Lortab, and with no fillers: just hydrocodone. Law enforcement and treatment professionals are outraged, but the FDA said ok even while acknowledging a severe risk for abuse.

“Pill Mill” Economy Exposed in New York

A doctor-owned clinic was busted in New York. Authorities suspect over 30,000 illegal pain killer prescriptions, and up to $500 million in pills. It was operating like the classic “Pill Mills” shut down several years ago in Florida.

Fake FDA Agents Scamming Online Drug Buyers

Beware! Identity thieves are posing as FDA agents, calling customers of online pharmacies to threaten them with prosecution if they don’t provide personal information.

Largest Synthetic Drug Bust Ever : Spice-Be-Gone

Today the DEA announced it’s biggest synthetic drug bust ever, involving 4 countries and 35 states, and the seizure of a thousand plus pounds of banned chemicals prepared to be sold as Spice, K2, Vampire Blood, bath salts, and other designer drugs.

Walgreens to Pay $80 Million Oxycodone Settlement with DEA

Walgreens (South Florida) will pay the largest settlement in DEA history – $80 Million in civil penalties, to settle charges it had enabled a black market in prescription medications.

Spice Sales Protest in Largo, Florida

Billions have been spent over the last few years in the war on drugs, millions in Florida alone. How can anyone in Florida still feel safe enough to continue to sell banned substances from behind a store counter, to minors, even while protests are underway outside?

Papa John’s now has both Coke AND Pepsi

In NY City a delivery man was allegedly delivering more than pizza and pepsi in his Papa John’s Pizza delivery uniform. The arrest came after cops received delivery of a $27,500 kilo of cocaine they ordered.

Facebook Pills, Hello Kitty Pills, Tim Hortons Always Fresh Pills

Photo of illegal drugs collected by Montreal Police, which included Facebook Pills, Tim Horton’s “Always Fresh” pills, Hello Kitty pills, fake Viagra, and powerful synthetic opioid called desmethyl fentanyl. Click photo for larger view, or read the story.

3 “Fake Pot” Drugs Made Illegal by DEA

Check the ingredients of your synthetic pot and bath salts. Today the DEA made synthetic cannabinoids UR-144, XLR11, and AKB48 Schedule I drugs, illegal for any purpose.

Walgreen’s Pharmacy Florida : More DEA Trouble

The DEA continues actions against Walgreens Pharmacies in Florida, issuing orders to local Walgreens in Fort Pierce, Hudson, and Oviedo, Florida.

DEA Revokes CVS Pharmacy Licenses in Florida

Three strikes and you’re out: 2 CVS stores in Florida have lost their licenses to prescribe pain killers. The DEA says they didn’t do enough to stem the tide of over-prescribing, while dispensing over 3 million hydrocodone pills in 1 year.

Legal Limits for Marijuana Possession: 40 plants, if you’re a Judge

A former Judge in Virginia was busted for having 41 marijuana plants growing in his house. His claims of medicinal use and his legal maneuvers got his 2 felony charges reduced to misdemeanors. Many are upset with what appears to be an unjust justice system.