February 22, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Sinead O’Connor: “He’s a Drugs Counselor. What was I Thinking?”

Sinead O’Connor 4th wedding night: mental challenges, drugs, impulsive behavior, sex cravings, and a lethal combination of over-confidence and insecurity. Perhaps?

Lindsay Lohan Nude in Playboy

Lindsay Lohan nude pics from upcoming Playboy magazine pictorial have been leaked to the Internet. She reportedly raised $1 million for the shoot, which will help carry her through her rehab and recovery from alcohol and prescription drugs.

“Video Game Addiction”, Starring Alec Baldwin

Words With Friends is clearly an “addicting” game, even if Alec Baldwin doesn’t really believe he has a video game addiction.

Is Charlie Sheen Enabling Brooke Mueller?

Reports suggest Charlie Sheen bailed out Brooke Mueller, after her parents failed to help her avoid lock-up for cocaine possession charges. Is he enabling her?

Lohan’s New Help: Courtney Love!

Courtney Love is not Lindsay Lohan’s sober coach, but she is a friend, and does intent to help Lindsay stay sober.

Trouble Man T.I. Says Addicts need an “Ass Whipping”

Dealing drugs as a teen, success as a rapper, and celebrity didn’t get him, but Oxycontin prescribed for post-surgical pain did. T.I. speaks up about addiction.

Addiction is a Lonely and Terrifying Place to Be

The rock n’ roll lifestyle took its toll on Duff McKagan, former bassist for Guns N’ Roses. Now the musician-turned-writer is speaking out on drug and alcohol abuse, with a “tell all” book.

Sex Addiction – “Bad Sex” Now on TV

Think of him as “Dr. Drew with tats and sex toys”, he’s bringing Sex Therapy to Reality TV.

Rick Perry Drunk

That’s what they’re calling it… “Rick Perry Drunk” and if not that, then “Rick Perry Not on Pain Killers” or “not drunk” or any of many other excuses.