April 3, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Face Biting Zombie Attack in Florida

Again out of Florida, a raging naked man attacks innocent bystanders, biting the face of one, before getting shot dead by police. Most witnesses think he was “high on something”.

Bath Salts are Back!

New reports out of England connect bath salts to violence once again, this time mephedrone (street name “meow-meow”) involved in a stabbing and self-mutilation.

3 “Fake Pot” Drugs Made Illegal by DEA

Check the ingredients of your synthetic pot and bath salts. Today the DEA made synthetic cannabinoids UR-144, XLR11, and AKB48 Schedule I drugs, illegal for any purpose.

Facebook Pills, Canadian Online Pharmacies, and Desmethyl Fentanyl?

Canadian police busted a multi-location drug manufacturing and distribution ring and discovered Facebook pills, Tim Hortons pills, and potentially deadly desmethyl fentanyl.

Europe: 57 New Designer Drugs in 2012..So Far

The EMCDAA Annual Report is out. Over 57 new “legal” synthetics so far in 2012, with China the primary source and organized crime apparently involved.

Bath Salts On Trial: Missouri Man Kills Own Son While High

He’s charged with second degree murder in the death of his son. Witnesses say he used bath salts, “saw things, saw people”, that he carried a gun, and even paid people cash to “stay away” so he wouldn’t shoot them. Did Bath Salts kill Patrick Goforth?

Florida Dad Medicates Autistic Daughter with “Synthetic Marijuana”

A schizophrenic and autistic dad wanted to medicate his autistic child with marijuana instead of pharmaceuticals, but that’s illegal in Florida. So he obtained “diesel potpourri” and forced them to smoke it, while he made a video and posted it to Facebook.

DEA Targets Head Shops and Suppliers in National Crackdown

Report from today’s DEA press conference: Across 109 cities, DEA agents confiscated more bath salts and synthetic pot than you could shake a stick at.

Operation Log Jam Deemed a Success: 19 Million Packets of Synthetic Drugs and $36 Million in Cash Seized

The DEA made a big announcement recently: Operation Log Jam was a huge success.

Breaking News: Bath Salts Shortage Predicted for US

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has notified news outlets of the “first nationwide law-enforcement action against the synthetic designer drug industry”. That means bath salts, Spice, K2, and other synthetics. Press conference scheduled for Thursday July 26.

New Weapon Against Mephedrone Zombies – Wasp Spray!

Another face-biting attack allegedly fueled by bath salts, this time in Louisiana. The attacker knew his victim, who fought him off with wasp spray, after losing a chunk of flesh to a zombie bite.

Canada Fears Zombies, Bans Bath Salts

Canadian politicians, in an effort to calm nerves after America experienced a face-eating zombie in Florida, has banned MDPV, one of the key molecules in “bath salts”, the dangerous street drug believed to have caused the violent behavior.

How Much Synthetic Narcotic is $30 Million?

On November 8,  authorities seized $30 million dollars worth of synthetic narcotics in Las Vegas, Nevada. How much drug is that? At $40-$60 per gram for synthetic marijuana (cannabinoids such as “spice”),  or  $40-$90 per gram for “bath salts” (cathinones like “Kryptonite”), that $30 million is a mere 700 pounds of drugs. Even a large Continue Reading…