January 29, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Busted for Breath Mints in Brooklyn

Breath mints come in all shapes and sizes. So does MDMA (ecstasy). If NY cops suspect you’re carrying drugs, the cute little mints can get you arrested.

Suburban Heroin Epidemic Strikes Northern New Jersey

The number of adults charged to drug related offenses in certain suburbs of New Jersey have more than doubled between 2008 and 2012. The narcotic invading most homes? Heroin.

Florida Man Gets 8 DUI Charges in One Day

Drugged-Driving is increasingly the cause of DUI charges. A Florida man received 8 separate DUI charges in one day, thought to be related to some form of drug, not alcohol.

Accused Florida Pill Mill in Ft. Meyer Busted

Report of a Federal indictment against the owner of St. Jude’s Pharmacy in Cape Coral and his wife, related to illegal sale of controlled substances and money laundering issues.

Ohio Cops using Fake Drug Checkpoints

Police in Mayfield, Ohio are using fake drug checkpoint signs to trick drivers into turning around, and then citing the fact that they turned around as probable cause for stop and search. Educated people are wondering when the Constitution will finally reach Ohio.

Largest Synthetic Drug Bust Ever : Spice-Be-Gone

Today the DEA announced it’s biggest synthetic drug bust ever, involving 4 countries and 35 states, and the seizure of a thousand plus pounds of banned chemicals prepared to be sold as Spice, K2, Vampire Blood, bath salts, and other designer drugs.

Did Westerville, OH Daycare Drug the Children?

Did a Westerville, Ohio child-care operator secretly spike childrens’ sippy cups with Benadryl to subdue them? Or is Tammy Eppley, owner of the “Caterpillar Clubhouse” a victim of the media’s thirst for scandal, and her own reckless text messaging?

What You May Have Missed June 20, 2013

From drugs in dirty diapers to Amanda Bynes’ bong toss, here’s a brief recap of what you might have missed on John’s Addiction since you were here last.

Drinking, Driving and Sex Don’t Mix

What goes best with fast cars, booze, and fast women? How about having sex while driving drunk? Round it out with a car crash and DUI charges, and you get this incredible story.

Maybe the Dog Did It? Cleveland Indians pitcher Chris Perez Caught with Pot

One day after being placed on the 15-day disabled list, Cleveland Indians closing pitcher Chris Perez is charged with misdemeanor drug possession for mail-order drugs delivered to his dog Brody.

Florida Man Hides Drugs in Dirty Diaper

Cop stops car. Driver gets out and fusses with baby in back seat, emerges with dirty diaper which he throws into trash. Of course, this patrolman was a true “doody” cop and guess what he found in the diaper?

Boulder Colorado DUI Officer Tells Cop “I’m Drunk”

A Boulder Police Department DUI officer has resigned after pleading guilty to DUI charges. This is the second time this year a Boulder police officer has resigned after being charged with DUI, but the first time one made it so easy to convict her.

Amanda Bynes Bong Toss : Amanda in “Mental Lockdown” CA5150

Amanda Bynes is filling the Celebrity Disaster void left by Lindsay Lohan, who is away in rehab. Child star Bynes has been arrested for reckless endangerment, attempted tampering with evidence and marijuana possession. Gossip reports say she threw a bong out the 36th floor window when cops arrived.

Papa John’s now has both Coke AND Pepsi

In NY City a delivery man was allegedly delivering more than pizza and pepsi in his Papa John’s Pizza delivery uniform. The arrest came after cops received delivery of a $27,500 kilo of cocaine they ordered.

For South Carolina’s Ted Vick, One DUI is Not Enough

41 year old Pastor, used car salesman, and SC State Senator Ted Vicks has an alcohol problem. He’s enjoyed a bang up year that included two DUIs, a weapons charge, speeding charges, and cops finding a 21 year old drunk coed in the car with him. Geesh.