April 8, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Now a New Jersey Heroin Happy Meal?

Yet another arrest at a McDonalds for Heroin, this time in Lakehurst, New Jersey.

DWB: Driving With Burrito?

A man from Deltona, Florida was arrested Monday after falling asleep drunk at the wheel of his car–all while clutching his Taco Bell burrito.

New York Music Teacher Pawns School Tubas for Heroin Cash

One music teacher in New York discovered a creative way to fund her heroin habit… at school and student expense.

Chris Kattan DUI is Over. He’ll be at TWO 12 Step Meetings.

Comedian Chris Kattan was charged with DUI, denied involvement of alcohol but admitted to prescription drug use. The judge ordered him to attend exactly TWO AA meetings. Really?

Amanda Bynes Gets Three Years: Probation

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes was sentenced to three years probation for her 2012 DUI, which included her car hitting a police officer.

Drugged Driving in the Drop-Off Line

Hopped up on something in the school drop off line, she got called out, arrested, and lost her kids to foster care. Police are looking at her prescriptions.

Chris Kattan DUI

In one day TMZ has four articles on Chris Kattan getting arrested for DUI, and we still have no idea what happened.

“Pill Mill” Economy Exposed in New York

A doctor-owned clinic was busted in New York. Authorities suspect over 30,000 illegal pain killer prescriptions, and up to $500 million in pills. It was operating like the classic “Pill Mills” shut down several years ago in Florida.

Happy Meal Heroin

A McDonald’s employee in Pennsylvania was arrested for allegedly selling heroin out of a McDonalds. Order a “toy” at the drive through, and get a Happy Meal with 10 bags of heroin.

Chinese Delivery Man Busted for Underage Booze

Police arrested a delivery man for delivering a 375 of Rum to an underage girl on the streets of Saddle Brook, New Jersey. This is the second time Nice Food Restaurant on Palisades Avenue in Garfield has been associated with alleged deliveries of alcohol to minors.

Unlucky “Pot” Luck Dinner

When invited to an after-work pot luck dinner party, you’re supposed to bring “something you made”, not “something you made from pot”. A 1st grade teacher has been arrested for allegedly putting too much “pot” into the “pot luck”.

Vietnam Kills 30 Drug Dealers. More than 500 on Death Row

Viet Nam doesn’t like drug dealers, or at least that’s the public image they want Internationally. They just sentenced 30 to death, after almost 90 were similarly sentenced in 2012.

Feds Buy Abrin on Black Market Reloaded, Bust Seller

The Feds are active underground, sleuthing around Internet black markets for bad guys. They busted a Florida man selling deadly poison Abrin, along with information on how it kills people.

“Alcohol-Addled Mopes” On Trial for Terrorism

Terrorists sometimes do drugs, and drunks often rage against the establishment. What happens when drunks team up with undercover officers to plan a terrorist attack?

Florida Woman Drunk-Drives Herself right into the Jail

Florida cops have it easy: driving at nearly 3 times the legal blood alcohol levels for DUI, this lady crashed her car into the local jail, where she was promptly arrested and… jailed.