April 3, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Beer Smuggled in Pepsi Cans

Need beer while in Saudi Arabia? You may want to order a Pepsi….

“Staggeringly drunk” Cop gets Award for Catching DUI Drivers

Maybe it takes one to know one? This DUI enforcement cop was so good at spotting DUI drivers he cited over 100, and was invited to receive a MADD award. He drove himself there, and, well, can you guess the rest?

Alcohol Delivery Services Thrive in Seattle

Seattle innovates again, this time with alcohol delivery services. Shop on your smartphone, choose your poison, and they’ll deliver it to you within 30 minutes.

Palcohol : You’ve. Been. Trolled.

Did you fall for it? “PAlcohol” powdered alcohol? LOL.. you’ve been trolled.

“I HATE MY JOB” – Said the Alcohol, in Shorthand

A Manhattan court reporter may have jeopardized the verdicts in around 30 court cases when he wrote “I HATE MY JOB” instead of recording the case. His excuse? Alcoholism.

DWB: Driving With Burrito?

A man from Deltona, Florida was arrested Monday after falling asleep drunk at the wheel of his car–all while clutching his Taco Bell burrito.

Smartphone “Sober App” Cures Alcoholism

The smartphone app that will cure alcoholism just highlighted a bunch of pubs I haven’t visited yet. Seriously, who funds this “addiction research”?

Drunk and Gambling… on Credit. Bad Idea!

A California businessman lost $500,000 in one night of Las Vegas gambling, while drunk. Can he sue the casino?

Amanda Bynes Gets Three Years: Probation

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes was sentenced to three years probation for her 2012 DUI, which included her car hitting a police officer.

$35 per Gallon Tax on Alcohol

Washington State was the first state to completely privatize the alcohol industry. Now Washington State consumers are paying about $35 per gallon in taxes on alcohol, the highest in the nation by far, despite falling DUI arrests and accidents.

Beer and “Life’s Problems”

Homer Simpson speaks for many a “regular man” when he toasts “to ALCOHOL… the cause of.. and solution to… all of life’s problems!”. The proclamation has become an Internet meme…

RakNominate: A Kinder, Gentler NekNominate?

Instead of tragic deaths, how about random acts of kindness? A new twist on the NekNominate game tries to steer away from high risk behavior while still playing the viral social media game.

PTSD and Alcohol Linked, and Re-Linked

If PTSD leads to alcoholism, and alcohol abuse leads to high-risk activities which can result in PTSD, what’s a college student to do?

Drugged Driving in the Drop-Off Line

Hopped up on something in the school drop off line, she got called out, arrested, and lost her kids to foster care. Police are looking at her prescriptions.

NekNominate Deaths

Want to keep up on the NekNomination deaths and tragedies? Look no further. We’re keeping a tally!