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Press Release format

Press Release format

November 17th, 2013

We have a new press release format. Press releases coming soon....
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Is liquid tobacco deadly?

Is Liquid Tobacco Deadly? or just Scary?

Liquid tobacco is more dangerous than many people know, and can even be deadly if enough touches exposed skin. But most e-juice is NOT “liquid tobacco”. Is vaping addicting? Do we need regulation, or education?

combination lock on pill bottle

Simple Thinking : Locking Pill Bottles

Sometimes people who don’t know very much just really, really want to do SOMETHING to help improve things. And they do things. Like making this new law.

Guy Gives Cop Fake Name that ALSO had a DUI !

What are the odds that your fake name is also driving with a suspended license after a DUI? In Florida….

University Bans Tinder App

In 2014 University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee banned students from using computers to make contact with strangers, which effectively banned the Tinder app, and now Tinder bans everyone under 18.

Beer Smuggled in Pepsi Cans

Need beer while in Saudi Arabia? You may want to order a Pepsi….