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Florida Family Finds LSD in Walmart Steak

One Florida family's Walmart trip turned into an LSD trip. Tainted meat is suspected. Read

Addict-Turned-Producer Releases Heroin Documentary

A recovering addict in New Jersey has created a documentary to raise awareness about the state's heroin epidemic, after four of his friends died of overdose in a 10 day period. Read

Drunk and Gambling… on Credit. Bad Idea!

A California businessman lost $500,000 in one night of Las Vegas gambling, while drunk. Can he sue the casino? Read

37,000 Hydrocodone Pills Missing from CVS?

CVS is in trouble again, for allegedly mishandling addictive prescription pain killers. This time it's hydrocodone missing from 4 CVS stores. 37,000 pills unaccounted for, believed to have been diverted to illegal black markets. Read

Chris Kattan DUI is Over. He’ll be at TWO 12 Step Meetings.

Comedian Chris Kattan was charged with DUI, denied involvement of alcohol but admitted to prescription drug use. The judge ordered him to attend exactly TWO AA meetings. Really? Read

Amanda Bynes Gets Three Years: Probation

Former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes was sentenced to three years probation for her 2012 DUI, which included her car hitting a police officer. Read

Will Premarital Drug Tests Reduce Divorce Rates?

A Judge has recommended that every couple applying for marriage be required to take a drug test first, in an attempt to reduce divorce rates. Read

Is Diet Coke Addictive?

Is Diet Coke addicting? Or is Coca-Cola trying to suggest that being "on" a substance, like Diet Coke, is a good thing? Read

Predicting Depression by Testing Cortisol Levels in Saliva

The spit of teenage boys may be useful in determining their future risk for depression, a new study shows. Read

Hide Your Vikes! DEA Reclassifies Hydrocodone Products

Advice from one drug-using artist: "hide your vikes!" The DEA has proposed reclassifying hydrocodone-containing drugs from Schedule III to Schedule II. Read

$35 per Gallon Tax on Alcohol

Washington State was the first state to completely privatize the alcohol industry. Now Washington State consumers are paying about $35 per gallon in taxes on alcohol, the highest in the nation by far, despite falling DUI arrests and accidents. Read
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Beer and “Life’s Problems”

Homer Simpson speaks for many a "regular man" when he toasts "to ALCOHOL... the cause of.. and solution to... all of life's problems!". The proclamation has become an Internet meme... Read

Zohydro: New High-Strength Hydrocodone Painkiller Debuts

Zohydro is here... at 5 to 10 times the strength of Vicodin and Lortab, and with no fillers: just hydrocodone. Law enforcement and treatment professionals are outraged, but the FDA said ok even while acknowledging a severe risk for abuse. Read

Philip Seymour Hoffman Autopsy Report

Cocaine, Benzos, Amphetamines (speed), and Heroin were included in the "multi drug toxicity" said to have caused the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman in New York City. Read
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RakNominate: A Kinder, Gentler NekNominate?

Instead of tragic deaths, how about random acts of kindness? A new twist on the NekNominate game tries to steer away from high risk behavior while still playing the viral social media game. Read
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