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Following SAMHSA, the US Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

SAMHSA & MacArthur Foundation $1M to Help Juvies with Lifeskills

SAMHSA and the MacArthur Foundation are committing $1 million to create a system where mentally challenged youth (60% of which show signs of substance abuse disorders) are given community based services instead of being placed in the juvenile justice system. Continue Reading...

Children of Alcoholics Week – 10% Live with Parent with Alcohol Problems

Ten percent of children under 18 years old live with a parent who has had an alcohol use disorder in the past 12 months, according to recent research from SAMHSA. Continue Reading...

Age 13 – 29 : the “Deformative Years”

According to SAMHSA reports, your son is likely to try drugs at age 13, but if he develops a substance abuse problem, he won’t seek first treatment until he’s 29. Welcome to the “deformative years” Continue Reading...

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