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Breaking Bad: "Breaking Bad" refers to the turn towards the dark side. Here we cover events where people go bad, usually urged on by substance abuse.

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Breaking Bad category includes: DEA, drugs, Florida, hydrocodone, law, methamphetamine, New Jersey, New York, oxycodone, oxycontin hydrocodone, pain pills, prescription drugs, prescription pain killers, roxicodone, sex

Comics: The lighter side of drug and alcohol issues, when we can find one.

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Comics category includes: alcohol, drug abuse, drug addiction, drugs, Facebook, harm reduction, heroin, law, oxycontin hydrocodone, politics, prescription pain killers, social media


DUI: Issues specific to DUI (driving under the influence) and DWI (driving while intoxicated), which includes the newer concept of "drugged driving". DUI laws are state regulated, so the terms vary along with the regulations regarding blood alcohol concentrations (%BAC levels).

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DUI category includes: alcohol, arrest, celebrity, death, DUI, DWI, Florida, Idaho, law, michigan, Missouri, politics, prescription drugs, South Dakota, treatment

Editorial: If we succeed in our mission to "reach, not preach", the only editorial you'll find on JohnsAddiction is here

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Editorial category includes: addiction, alcohol, alcohol detox, caffeine, delirium, drug abuse, drug addiction, drug detox, drug forums, drugs, law, marijuana, medical marijuana, mental health, prescription pain killers, privacy, treatment

harm reduction: Harm Reduction is progressive and controversial. Allowing mis-use while reducing the harm, and hopefully curbing addiction and increasing treatment.

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harm reduction category includes: addiction, death, drug abuse, drug forums, drugs, ecstasy, harm reduction, heroin, law, molly, PMMA, treatment, youth

Notices: General notices and information, including announcements of helpful web resources. These posts do not appear on the JohnsAddiction home page.

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Notices category includes: pain pills, pain relief

On Campus: Related to Universities, Colleges, and Schools -- "On Campus" covers what is happening and relevant to Campus Life.

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On Campus category includes: alcohol, campus, campus life, college campus, death, drug abuse, drugs, harm reduction, ptsd, recovery, research, sober community, social media, social norming, students, treatment, youth, YouTube

Uncategorized: Nothing should be "uncategorized". If it is, it was by mistake.

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Uncategorized category includes: alcohol