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This site is about fresh perspectives.

One of the first things people realize when they enter the realm of drug/alcohol addiction and recovery is… things aren’t always as they seem. Things aren’t the way they are supposed to be. There is no black and white. Almost everything “depends” on where you’ve been, what you already know or didn’t know.

For one person in recovery, discipline and simple truths may be life saving. For another, new information — enlightenment — may open the mind to new perspectives and fuel recovery. For caregivers and relatives looking to understand a world they didn’t know personally, it can seem like Alice’s Wonderland:  strange and often scary.

Through, we explore the drug and alcohol issues of our times. We’re on the lookout for fresh perspectives,  and hope to shine light on what really matters.

We only intend to point to possibilities. It’s the reader’s job to think. And we hope you’ll use the comments feature to express your thoughts, so others can grow from your perspectives. We’re not taking sides, but we hope to highlight all sides.

About our Leadership:

JohnsAddiction is led by a few people deep in the world  of addiction and recovery, working every day to help.  Everyone involved in this web site is guided by the vision expressed here — that we’re observing and  learning and trying to make connections that could lead to increased understanding of addiction and all that it involves.

About our Writers:

See our authors page for information about the writers contributing to JohnsAddiction. In addition, we receive contributions and suggestions every day, which we eagerly consider. Use our suggestions link at the top of the site, to contribute your ideas, or to learn how you can write for us. You can also email us at info at this domain.

About our Content:

We write original content and shoot our own photographs. We do publish materials submitted by readers, including essays, images, and other artistic works, and we do re-publish some public domain images when they fit. We’ll be adding a section on DMCA and copyright, as we advance.

About the Barbie

Read more about the JohnsAddiction Barbie.

About the Site Features:

Some of the features we’d like to highlight:

  • comments: We moderate, but hope you’ll contribute. We hope to continuously improve our ability to manage comments, until we achieve near real-time engagement. Please stay with us as we work through that.
  • feedback: Our categories are not fixed, and we intend to add and remove categories according to the interests of our readers. Every page has at least one feedback opportunity, and we hope you will tell us when you like something, or don’t, so we can continually tune JohnsAddiction.
  • sharing: We try and provide two levels of social media sharing tools, for your convenience. At the top of every page you can LIKE, SHARE, or otherwise circulate awareness of our pages, using the social media icons.  We also provide social media hooks throughout the many articles on the site. We hope you’ll use them.  We totally appreciate it.

About our Sponsorship:

We will have advertisements, to help maintain this site. We are also open to accepting sponsorships for content on the site.  More information will be made available behind the advertise link.

Our Future:

Pending. We hope. Reach us by email to info at this domain.