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Can you shoot air out your eye sockets?

We continue our series reporting on activities within active online drug user forums, where drug users gather to share perspectives and experiences. For more information about this project, read Reporting on the Drug User Forums.

Drug addicts wreak havoc upon their bodies. Their veins collapse from too many injections, they go into shock and convulsions because they haven’t had their drug dose or they snorted too many substances. Some side effects are extreme and obviously related to drug abuse, others can be mild and leave users wondering whether or not the drug is causing weird quirks.

This week, folks in the drug forums discussed whether or not shooting air out your eye was directly tied to drug abuse. The “OP” (original poster of the discussion) snuffed OxyContin daily for about two years and claimed he could shoot air out his eye socket when he blew his nose. Coincidence or a consequence of drug use? The forum was asked.

One forum user says sniffing OxyContin has nothing to do with this new found talent.

"I have been able to do it since I was in middle school. I would sniff milk up my nose and squirt it out of my eye across the lunch table. I found out I could do it because I seen it on that Guinness World Records show where they had two guys going for the distance record. They said its because of a two way tear duct or something like that, which not that many people have."
- Online drug forum

Other forum users reported that sniffing any drug can cause permanent nasal damage eventually deviating the septum and creating a hole between the nostrils.

You can even tell if someone has nasal damage from looking at their nose. Usually one side is kind of caved-in.
- one forum user

After a few years of snorting morphine and OxyContin, one user claimed that blowing his nose lodged an air bubble in his sinuses causing horrible headaches and sometimes even tooth numbness, unless he pushed the air out quickly. Other users agree this new found ability is, indeed, because of the drug use.

Who hangs out online in the drug user forums? We’ll continue to investigate.

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