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Krokodil Eating Away at Russian Addicts

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Krokodil, the designer drug gaining popularity in rural Russia, is taking the internet world by storm. It is the morphine derivative desomorphine, produced from codeine, iodine and red phosphorus using readily available petrochemicals as solvents.  Since codeine is available over the counter in Russia, Krokodil is available and cheaper than heroin. The crude concoction users inject contains toxins and harsh chemicals, which turn users skin scaly and greenish-black at the injection site. Graphic, close-up, grotesque videos on YouTube and other sites show the harsh reality of the drugs course, causing the drug community to question: is this real?

The  OP — original poster — shared a horrid video of drug users in Russia suffering skin deterioration. He warned readers not to use the concoction made of gasoline, codeine and red phosphorus, plus other over-the-counter ingredients. The home-video documented one users trials and tribulations, which inevitably ended with the loss of a limb.

The sight of this amputation made many uneasy. One cynical forum user said these videos are just scare tactics and propaganda, and asserted that people’s limbs will not actually rot.

"Remember, Russia is a nation that forbids medical detox. It allows addicts to be literally chained to beds and beaten in official drug rehabilitation center"
- forum user

Another forum user goes as far to say:

"If you rubbed a clean syringe in feces and shot water you could end up like this"
- forum user

Others are not as cynical. The videos and photos in circulation may be propaganda, but it seems to be working. These “scare tactics” could prevent someone from using drugs in the future.

"I think for any person who is on the fence regarding whether to start taking drugs by needle or not ought to watch this. It would be a great scare tactic. If I had teenage kids, I might let them watch it to try to keep them from ever trying drugs (especially by way of needle)"' cite = 'forum participant

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