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“Staggeringly drunk” Cop gets Award for Catching DUI Drivers

Cop shows up at ceremony too drunk to recieve his prize : an award for enforcing DUI laws!

Cop shows up at ceremony too drunk to receive his prize : an award for enforcing DUI laws!

He’s a cop. He works the DUI enforcement unit. He caught more than 100 DUI drivers, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving gave him an award to celebrate his efforts. The problem? He showed up too drunk to get the award! Oh, and yes, he reportedly drove himself to the event.

You can’t make this stuff up. WFLA reported on a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office internal affairs investigation into the incident, which produced a whoppng 274 page report. The details included a bottle of Royal Crown, a bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey, some Coca-Cola, cornhole games by the pool, glassy eyes, slurred speech, disrespectful comments, and several layers of police bureaucracy commenting (in writing) on the inappropriate behavior.

Also on tap? Skipping out on the DUI training classes, other officers also choosing to drink by the pool instead of attending DUI training, a suspension, a transfer, and lots and lots of bad press.

We shouldn’t worry, though. The officer is no longer on the DUI team. He’s now a detective working in crimes against children unit.

Cop shows up too drunk to accept award at Mothers Against Drunk Driving Award Ceremony

Note: Humor aside, we need to recognize that these guys need help, more than ridicule. A stressful job, with often cynical or less-than-respectable procedural aspects (DUI court etc), plus little if any opportunity for honest community engagement, easily leads to using alcohol or drugs to “relax” or as addiction counselors sometimes say, “self medicate”. There are better ways to cope, and we all need training on those alternatives to booze and pills. Included below are a few links to helpful resources, where we can find them.



  • WFLA report
  • Pinellas County Sheriff News where they sometimes announce DUI checkpoints
  • MADD’s Drunk Driving page
  • list of DUI schools in Florida, if you need it (seeking a good web page?)
  • list of alcohol rehabs in Florida, if you need it (anything worth linking to here?)

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