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Maintaining a High with the New Uncrushable Oxy’s

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Oxecta abuse-proof hydrocodone label from government website

The FDA recently approved Oxecta, a new unsnortable  Oxy.  Oxecta is a rebranding of King Pharmaceuticals’ Acurox, which combined oxycodone with Niacin in an attempt to deter abuse.  Niacin can cause skin irritation on contact, and flushing if taken in large doses.  The FDA disapproved on Acurox with Niacin, and now Pfizer is instea dusing anti-crush technology to deter snorting and injecting via Oxecta.

The new Oxecta doesn’t crumble into a fine powder, and will foam if combined with liquid, making it difficult to inject. Will this formulation prove tamper-proof? The drug forums are already busy with discussions of how to deal with the new pill, and reduced availability of the old oxycontin pills.

Some drug forum users are worried they may not be able to maintain their addiction. However, one pointed to a statement released by Pfizer, the drug manufacturer. The company said, “There is no evidence that Oxecta has a reduced abuse liability compared to immediate-release oxycodone.”

The new gel-based drug uses “Aversion” technology, combining chemicals like Niacin to make the substance painful to snort or swallow.

Although some are worried, others say it is only a matter of time before addicts figure out how to abuse the product.

As bright as Big Pharma people are, the ingenuity of the users of their drugs will prevail. Somehow, somewhere, someone will find the magic key that will unlock a chemical, or most of it. It will simply take time for people to figure this one out.
- drug forum user


"a really heavily addicted person will inject the sudsy stuff anyway, risking an embolism and winding up in an emergency room or a morgue."


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