April 1, 2020  Last Update: November 12, 2019, 4:01 pm

Alcohol Delivery Services Thrive in Seattle

In some states, it’s now legal to deliver alcohol on-demand and new tech startups are creating apps that make it easy. Alcohol delivery service is already big business in Seattle… the largest city in the state that collects more than $35 of tax revenue on every gallon of alcohol sold. Alcohol delivery was approved by Washington State at the end of 2012.

Using the alcohol delivery services is easy. You can shop for liquor, wine, and beer on your smart phone, click to order with a credit card payment through the smart phone app, and a delivery person shows up 30 minutes later with the goods. The “driver” uses a smartphone app with ID scanner to confirms the legality of the hand-off, and record the closing of the transaction, while the driver visually verifies the recipient is not already intoxicated.

...the average Drizly transaction generates five times the amount of profit for retailers than an average walk-in visit.

Technology is making it easier to get alcohol into the hands of consumers, on-demand, legally, where they are, when they want it.


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