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Palindrome Week for Fresh Starts

Thsi week is full of palindromes, dates that read correctly forwards AND backwards. Image from

Thsi week is full of palindromes, dates that read correctly forwards AND backwards. Image from

From the “wow this is so cool” department comes Palindrome Week, a week of dates which read correctly whether you go forwards, or backwards. Totally cool. Hat tip to these guys for the visual aid!

The detox center folksĀ  took the event as a sign of a need for a “new beginning”, and that makes sense. We know that things called “temporal anchors” help us mortal humans to achieve great things that are beyond our conscious abilities. The simple idea of starting a challenge on a memorable or remarkable date, can actually help us achieve success. Think New Year’s Resolutions, or round numberĀ  birthdays (like my 40th or my 30th), when people decide to finally stop smoking, get fit, lose weight, or change some behavior to improve their lives.

This week is Palindrome Week. Anything you do this week, will have begun on a rare palindromic date. And we think that’s pretty cool.


Every day this week is a remarkable day: it's Palindrome Week!


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  1. Ouroboros says:

    So…Swim has been wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to safely stop drinking,taking pills/heroin periodically(snorting only),smoking marijuana, and chewing tobacco. At this point in Swim’s life(26). He has been doing pills at some capacity probably for the last 4.5-5 years at varying dosages. To be honest Swim only started drinking/smoking weed to induce a better high with a limited supply. The tobacco use started in high school and never really has stopped. Swim feels like physiologically that is all catching up with him….

    drug of choice for swim is def opiates. It helped a bit with his anxiety in college….things have obviously gotten out of hand and his substance use has ruined a couple really good opportunities ….. Any help would be much appreciated. SO far

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