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Now a New Jersey Heroin Happy Meal?

McHeroin -- Heroin and McDonalds, in the news again.

McHeroin — Heroin and McDonalds, in the news yet again!

Are these reports out of NJ.com and the New Jersey Star-Ledger highlighting yet another McDonald’s Happy Meal Heroin Experience? Or has this just become part of daily life in Ocean County, New Jersey?

This time in Lakehurst, NJ, police arrested a man who was found in his car, foot on the break, zonked out on heroin. We don’t know if Mr. Brooks was a  McDonald’s customer, but he certainly appears to have had a “happy” meal, although with a not so happy ending in the Ocean County jail. It certainly was a dangerous way to get your fix no matter what you craved: McDonalds’ burgers, fries, or heroin.

When officers arrived at the McDonald’s on Route 70 in Lakehurst (not far from the Garden State Parkway exit), a Mr. Brooks was slumped over the steering wheel and had his foot on the brake. The reports don’t say how much heroin was in the car, or whether Mr. Brooks had finished his meal. To be fair, this might not be a McDonald’s problem. Mr. Brooks may have pulled into the lot to “take a break from driving and shoot some heroin”, for example. But since this is like the Nth time we’re reporting on heroin in and around  a McDonalds this year, we have to start to wonder.




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