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JohnsAddiction Recap

What the heck is Zohydro? Click the image to find out.

An April 8 2014 recap of stories on Johns Addiction :

Since the release of Zogenix Pharma’s Zohydro, the first single-entity hydrocodone product, we followed one senator’s move to ban the drug, and the remarkable discovery that the senator’s own daughter is the CEO of one of Zogenix’s biggest competitors. Seriously?

We also covered the DEA’s reclassification of hydrocodone-containing products to Schedule II, where hydrocodone itself is listed.

In a surprising security breach, CVS lost over 37,000 opioid painkillers. And did you know thieves are stealing prescription meds from open house events in San Diego?

Trade your tubas for heroin!

You know you want to click the tuba and read the story.

On the popular topic of heroin, an Indiana couple overdosed on heroin in a McDonald’s play area while their children were busy, and a New York music teacher was arrested for pawning her students’ music instruments (for cash for heroin). On a more positive note, a former heroin addict released a documentary to educate the public about the consequences of drug abuse, and a “talking” naloxone injector was approved for use by friends and family of addicts, to counter overdose effects before medical personnel arrive.

Speaking of alcohol, a drunken gambler in Las Vegas lost $500,000 in one casino , and he’s very angry about it. A courtroom reporter who HATES HIS JOB told the world, albeit quietly, hidden within the court transcripts. He was fired, and blamed the alcohol.

Waking him up to give him a DUI wasn’t easy!

A man in Florida was arrested when police discovered his drunken self passed out at a stoplight in Florida, still holding his half-eaten burrito.

One writer’s editorial highlighted a new smartphone app designed to help alcoholics. The app points out nearby bars to recovering alcoholics. The intentions are good, but is that really a wise thing to do? Remind alcoholics in recovery when a bar is nearby? Read that story if you have time.

LSD also caught our attention last month when it turned a steak dinner for four into a family ‘trip’ to the hospital. Traces of LSD ere found inside the packaging and spurred an investigation of other Walmart goods.

Finally, a petty thief – also from Florida – broke into a drug counseling center, used the toilet and ate some Doritos. The story itself wasn’t too peculiar, but John’s Addiction had to ask: what were Doritos, a prime cure for the munchies, doing at a treatment center?

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