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“I HATE MY JOB” – Said the Alcohol, in Shorthand

Transcripts from around 30 NY court cases contain nothing but "I HATE MY JOB" or random text.

Transcripts from around 30 NY court cases contain nothing but “I HATE MY JOB” or random text.

“I HATE MY JOB. I HATE MY JOB. I HATE MY JOB”, is how the court transcript started. And ended. Because the court reporter was drunk (supposedly). Really?

This particular court reporter jeopardized the verdicts of over 30 court cases. The reporter blamed alcoholism for his actions.

According to the New York Post, 43-year-old Daniel Kochanski worked as a courtroom reporter in Manhattan. His job was to write down everything said in the courtroom, creating the historical record of the case for later reference.

In perhaps 30 cases discovered so far, Kochanski allegedly typed random characters instead of actual transcripts of discussions. In many cases, he simply typed “I hate my job” over and over.

Everyone probably assumed his active typing was court reporting, as it should have been. Apparently, no one checked his work. He was fired in 2012 for misconduct.

Kochanski’s father blamed his son’s behavior on alcoholism. He told the New York Post that his son suffered from alcoholism which began five years ago, and cost Kochanski his marriage and his job.

I never typed gibberish. I always did my job 100 percent. I was let go because of substance abuse.
- Daniel Kochanski to the New York Post

Did Kochanski to turn to alcohol as self-medication for his stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues? Was the “I HATE MY JOB” a secret message asking for help, which was not heeded? Did the distraught court reporter secretly hope his antics would be discovered, and that someone would intervene and help him to make the much needed changes he could not make himself?

Kochanski told told the Post that he’s currently in recovery, and will be one year sober in July. he got the help he needed. Now we need someone to recreate those transcripts.

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Court stenographer's notes during a murder trial: "I HATE MY JOB. I HATE MY JOB. I HATE MY JOB"


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