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New York Music Teacher Pawns School Tubas for Heroin Cash

A music teacher in New York was caught pawning her student's instruments for heroin money.

What can a music teacher do to raise funds…. for heroin? Pawn the tubas, of course. And other instruments. This New York music teacher got caught.

A music teacher in New York has been arrested for pawning her student’s instruments to to feed her heroin habit.

Officers first noticed something was strange when they pulled Danielle Conner-Willowglade over and found an uncased tuba in her car. She has been under investigation regarding illegal drug use since October, according to the Democrat & Chronicle.

According to the Democrat & Chronicle, while Willowglade initially told to police she was carrying the tuba for reasons related to her profession, she later admitted to stealing over 50 instruments.

Police are working with pawnshops and have recovered twelve of the pawned instruments.

Busted: School music teacher arrested for pawning student's instruments... for heroin.



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