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McDonald’s and Heroin: Again

McHeroin -- Heroin and McDonalds, in the news again.

McHeroin — Heroin and McDonalds, in the news again.

While their children enjoyed kid-sized fries and burgers, one Indiana couple enjoyed a very different kind of happy meal. According to indystar.com, Tamica Lynn Jeffers and Robert Paul Palmer overdosed on heroin at a McDonalds play area while their two small children were playing. An unresponsive Jeffers was sent to an area hospital. The couple reportedly admitted to using heroin, according to the report.

McHeroin: Couple arrested for overdosing on heroin in McDonald's play area

Jeffers and Palmer are both being held on bond for child endangerment charges. Palmer has pleaded not guilty. This isn’t the first time McDonalds has been in the news for heroin .


ref: Indiana Couple OD on Heroin at McDonald’s Play Yard




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