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Drunk and Gambling… on Credit. Bad Idea!

A California businessman who lost $500,000 in one night of blackout-drunk gambling claims the casino he was at knew his was drunk, and took advantage of him.

A California businessman who lost $500,000 in one night of blackout-drunk gambling in Las Vegas claims the Downtown Grand casino knew he was drunk and took advantage of him.

If you lost $500,000 in one night and didn’t remember it, would you be angry? CNN says a businessman did just that, and is suing the Downtown Grand Las Vegas Hotel & Casino he claims allowed him to gamble while blackout drunk.

Mark A. Johnston, a real estate mogul and former car dealership owner from California, alleges the casino took advantage of him while drunk. He told CNN he had at “about ten drinks” before even arriving at the Downtown Grand, and it was obvious he was already drunk by the time he got there.

One he started gaming, Johnston says the Downtown Grand fed him more than 20 drinks and lines of credit worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, according to CNN. He signed  two credit clips worth a total of $200,000 in the span of just 21 minutes.

The casino knew he took prescription medication that made the effects of alcohol more intense, according to Johnston, cited in the CNN report.  In total, Johnston estimates  he drank over 30 alcoholic drinks in 40 hours.

Man loses $500,000 in one night of drunken gambling, sues casino

According to the Nevada Gaming Control Board web site, it’s against regulation for a Las Vegas casino to allow people who are “visibly intoxicated to participate in gaming activity” and to give “complimentary service of intoxicating beverages in the casino area to persons who are visibly intoxicated”.

Bars are required to say “you’ve had enough” at a certain point, but what about casinos? In February comedian George Lopez passed out drunk on the floor of a Canadian casino and was arrested by police. Was that “enough”?

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is reportedly investigating the matter.


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