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Will Premarital Drug Tests Reduce Divorce Rates?

6,000 Saudi men are divorcing their wives every year because of drug abuse, a judge in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah has claimed. The judge, who rules on family law, recommended that all couples applying for marriage contracts be required to take a mandatory drug test.

Judge claims 6,000 divorces in his city are caused by drug abuse; mandates premarital testing.

Some concerned parents in the country are requiring potential husbands to submit to drug and STD testing before allowing them to marry their daughters, according to reporting by Arab News. Saudi parents with daughters have reason to be concerned: In countries that follow strict interpretations of Islamic law, like Saudi Arabia, women aren’t allowed to initiate divorce proceedings against their husbands without a court order. Men can divorce their wives whenever they want.

Side note about drugs and addiction: Substances the Saudi Government considers “vices” (alcohol and most drugs) are already banned in the deeply conservative kingdom. Saudi Arabia regularly beheads convicted drug dealers. What will happen to the prospective husbands who test positive?


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